seven sisters ritual
“Embark on our path through the darkness. Remember the sacredness of stillness, pause and reflection. The potency of a quiet mind and restful body. Incubating within the juices of creation. Like the dormant seed, asleep but still becoming. You mimic Sacred Earth in Her divine flow as the essence of all thing flows through each and every one of you. Connect back to Her in your time of sleep. Wrap yourself in the blanket of Her fall leaves and feel the potency of Her decay; feeding life unto the earth. Nutrient rich soils, forever in the flow of life, death, resurrection. You too ebb and flow and all cycles are honored within when you greet yourselves with patience and kindness. Obliterate fear, it has no place here in these rhythms of held and supported life cycles. All is as it should be. All will be as it will. “ ~Morning channeling, SvS #sevensisters #sevensistersritual #sevensistersapothecary #witchshop #honourtheshadow #autumn #sacredearth #terrasacra #witchesofinstagram

1 thought on “7 Sisters Ritual

  1. That was absolutely one of the most beautiful pieces of writing I have ever had the privilege of reading!!! Thank you very much . Blessed be!

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