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How To Market Your Business

The WitchAF community is growing at about 1200 new users a day. Currently, we have over 725k views a week across our social channels and website. As a healer and follower of Hecate, I am opening up reach to all who ask to share their content so their products and services can be seen by thousands of witches, healers, and shamans across the USA and Canada.

I cannot sell ad space on a social channel, but I can sell space on my own website, then share your page to all of my social channels.

Right now, my rates to do so are very affordable. See the contact form below to get this going…

$25 for a page of content created on witchAF, social share to all @witchAF social channels. You must supply photos and/or videos. Write at least a paragraph of information about your products and/or services. *It is required that you respond to all comments and shares on your post, even if you have thousands of them.

$55 for all of the above, plus extra marketing to reach more viewers.

$99 a month for everything above. 2 Shares and promoting of your content.

$425 for all of the above, plus a 3-minute video you can share from our site. We own the rights to the video, but you are free to use on your website, social profiles, emails and the like. Our @witchAF must stay on the content.

$800 for all of the above without the @witchaf branding.

make money as a healer

If you have manifested poverty and cannot afford $25 to reach potentially thousands of new customers, maybe you are not ready to grow your business.

advertising rates for witches

How Can You Grow Your Psychic or Healing Business if you do not have enough money?

I have 30-minute and 60-minute healing and training sessions for psychic, magic, witch related businesses. I have helped hundreds successfully make a good living over the past 18 years as a healer and marketer. Do not message me wanting free advertising, it is disrespectful. I am a powerful, but reasonable Witch. If you have something of equal or greater value to help our community grow, for example, a cool video, photo, story, news article or similiar, we can talk. Post your idea on the community wall @witchAF Community Board on Facebook.

If you have something beautiful to share with the community, post in on our official witchAF community wall on Facebook, often times I will share for free. I will not do this on a regular basis for the same person or company. I only share content with the witch community if it will heal, help and inspire them in some way.

You can share your posts of products and services or things you have found online and love here: @witchAF Community Board on Facebook.

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