Are you a Witch who lives in Alabama?

We would love to hear more about you and your community. Introduce yourself with a Photo of you or one of your Familiars. Share your top Witchy things to do in Alabama to be featured. Are you a green witch, hedge witch? Or?

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1 thought on “Alabama Witches

  1. The Drish House (Tuscaloosa, AL)
    2300 17th St., Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 • (205) 765-8023

    According to The Lineup, Tuscaloosa’s Drish House has officially been named the most haunted place in Alabama. It was built in 1937 by Dr. John R. Drish over a 450-acre plantation. Apparently, Dr. Drish, who loved gambling and drinking, died in 1867 from falling down a stairway while drunk. His wife, Sarah, became obsessed with planning her husband’s funeral, so much so that it became an overly elaborate event. She even kept the candles from his funeral with the intense hope that they be used at her own funeral. When she passed in 1884, her family searched the house endlessly to find the candles but could not. This is said to have angered Sarah so much that she has come back to haunt the house, even allegedly causing a fire in the third-story tower by lighting the candles. The Drish House has been featured in the short story “Death Lights in the Tower” in Kathryn Tucker Windham’s popular book of ghost stories, Thirteen Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey. It is now a venue for receptions and events. SOURCE:

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