Are You a Gifted Psychic?

Witches are very intuitive creatures, deeply connected to the energies of Mother Earth as well as the Spirits in other realms. WItch AF is highlight all Witches, new and old, who have special gifts of Metaphysical natures.

Have you had premonition dreams? Insights of events before they happen? Communicate with animals and other Spirit beings? Do you have Witchy Super Powers?

Share your stories in the comments section below to be featured on the official Witch AF website. Make sure to subscribe/follow this blog for your free WITCH CLASS exercises.  Search for the Gifted Psychic Test on Witch AF as well.

Merry Meet!


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5 thoughts on “Are You a Gifted Psychic?

  1. I was drawn to spend alone time by the Sea one night… sitting there connecting with the energies of the place …for hours, I realized how late it was and decided to go back home. When I got up from the sand, i realized my cellphone was lost somewhere in the sand! I was really mad at myself and frantically searching in the sand, at night… and could not find my phone….

    I simply had a thought “Ask the Moon for help” and I did… and low and behold, the light from the moon shown down as the clouds parted and lit up my cell phone on the beach! 🙂 So very thankful for this experience with the Energies that include the Earth, Moon, Stars, Clouds….on and on. The Universe as well. Blessed Bee!

  2. So wat really brought me to myself was one day I was driving to work illegally and had came to a stop sign, I had bent down to load a cd in the cd player wen in my mind’s eye I saw a county cop come down the hill behind me, I like oled up but saw nothing not two seconds later I b danged if the scenerio didn’t play out jus as Id seen it moments b4…. This was the moment in my life where I realized all the premonition dreams I’d had b4 and the fact that I’ve always been able to sense things that others can’t ( u can’t lie to me bc I can sense the truth) this event was the “event that lead me on my path to spirituality” and to the craft of the old ways…. Merry meet y’all blessed b

      1. My story is unlike any other. I didn’t discover I was a witch one day. There was no magical moment that brought me to an awakening. The truth is, I was born a witch. I am a 5th generation hereditary secular witch. All the women in my family, on both sides of my family are gifted. That’s unique enough. But I didn’t know that until later in life. I grew up being fully aware of being gifted and was fully aware of the other women in my family’s gifts. For some, like my own mother though, despite being a hereditary witch by blood, she rejected it entirely. It scared her. She was always afraid of me as I was always gifted as a Psychic Medium and to her, a gift she never could resonate with. What she didn’t understand terrified her and my abilities and their strength were something she never wanted to understand. So, to cope with that fear, she often left me with my grandmother. My grandmother gave me much of the knowledge I have now. The things I have passed on to my own children. She taught me about herbs and apothecary techniques and remedies. I learned “superstitions” which were are actually what would be considered spells and sigils. I learned about moon phases and the best way to quiet my mind so I could hear the trees talk to me and to eachother. I never had a choice in the gifts I was born with or the lineage. I never knew that the way I was raised was different. I’m thankful for that. This is my life, the way I live. I am the proud bearer of that birthright.

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