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What more powerful of a name, than a weapon to protect. A weapon to cut the life and death cords upon the proper place and time.

Athame Baby Witch Names

What to call a group of newly discovered Witches other than ‘Baby Witches’?


Athame is a blessing from the Queen of the Dark, all Hail Dark Mother of Eternity, HECATE!

The clouds roll with power across the night sky, bringer of life and rebirth from afar.

A name that calls, the Ravens and Crows.

How can one bravely choose a name for a new soul upon this Great Earth?

SHE calls all Witches to come into beingness.

SHE inspires the greatness within US all.

A daughter, named Athame. What a powerful sight!

Cut through pain, cut through depression, cut through the powers that have over run this current reality with a POWERFUL and Sureness, not given to most children.

What is more sneaky, very powerful and creative outlet for the lost souls of writers throughout this Universe? Athame!



Healer of broken minds!

Sweet, Evil and Clever, Athame!

Need not be a Neopagan Witch. Need not be a satanic member of your local Man ran cult…

No need to be black handled Wicca knife of dark mysteries.

Athame! Come to me in my night visions. Come to me in early morning Twix.

Slice through the veil of current under-taker-standings…and forge the Power needed on Her path.

Sing Her name, so sleek and clever.

Pronunce Her Name… just the same… ask a harken to her slow steady hands… A T H A M E… her name. a·theim.

  • (UK) IPA(key)/ɑːˈθɑː.meɪ//əˈθɑː.meɪ/
  • (US) IPA(key)/ɑˈθɑ.meɪ//əˈθɑ.meɪ//ˈæ.θəˌmeɪ/



Birthright Spell for a Daughter Named, Athame!

  1. Cast a circle of Indigo Fire, by circling with your Athame, 3 times in place.
  2. Lay down on the center of the circle at Your Feet, the Athame.
  3. Witch leather gloves, gently and carefully lift and apply lightly, the leaves of the VERY poisonous Hemlock plant on both sides of the double edged blade.
  4. Carefully wrap the Poisonous Hemlock in a red silken fabric and set to the West side of the circle. The West is Water. The West is Woman.
  5. Hover your LEFT hand 3 inches above the Athame.
  6. Visualize POWERFUL life for your Daughter.
  7. Scream, SO MOTE IT BE!
  8. Gently lift by the handle, with fresh ungloved hands. With your Left Hand.
  9. Raise above your head and kneel on both knees. Facing any direction you are directed to by Spirit of the Athame and the Poison Hemlock Plant.
  10. Chant Her Name, Hecate! 3 times in her Honor.
  11. Rise without using the benefit of any surface, other than your own legs and feet.
  12. Scream IT IS DONE!
  13. Wrap the Athame in with the Red Silken Poison Hemlock Infused Fabric with the Gloves on the outside.
Do not touch your face for 3 days. As the Poisonous Hemlock will be very strong with you. The poison will not wash off. It wears off.
  • Store this Athame, in a secret box and location, under lock and key. Give to your daughter Athame, at the age of 21 (Numerology 3).
  • Teach her the Ritual above. Teach her to respect the Mistress of Death, Poison Hemlock Plant by all means.
  • The death from this plant is a painful and slow one. Never open this box.
  • You can sing to it, you can offer incense to it, you can polish the box with sandalwood and myrrh.
  • Only, She of the age of 3 (2+1) in Numberolgy = 21 can open at her first NEW MOON of age of 21. *OMFGoddess. Do not give the box to her at human age of 3.


poison hemlock athame
*NOTE you can die from exposure to Poison Hemlock. This is a Birth Rite Ritual that can easily turn into a Death Rite Ritual. You have been warned!

*Warning. Some people will endure a painful and blistering rash from exposure to The Sacred Poisonous Hemlock Plant. Use with extreme caution.

Poisonous Hemlock PLANT is different from The Hemlock Tree shown below. The Hemlock Tree will not kill you, but Mistress Poisonous Hemlock Plant *above image, will.

hemlock athame

You should never ingest, burn, drink or eat in anyway this Sacred and POWERFULLY poisonous plant. Even the dead stems can kill a child three years after the plant has died.

Treat this Daughter with Right Action, all the days of Her life. She is imbued with the Sacred Power of The Queen of The Witches, Hecate.

Teach her how to be independent. Learn all skills needed to survive this life experience. Teach her the Musical arts. Martial arts. Magical arts. Philosophy, Science and the Metaphysical.

No physical abuse is allowed. Teach her to speak her needs clearly and accurately. Teach her how to respect Her and Other Souls, Boundaries. Teach her how to work for most of what she receives in her life from an early age. Teach her how to love HERSELF, with compassion for others.

Above all else, LOVE and Respect Her!

All Hail Hecate!





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  1. I love the name Belladonna La’Grue. I came to find out La’Grue is a creek in Arkansas where I gave birth to all 4 of my children.

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