A debate has begun in the WitchAF community. Why would grown adults, call themselves ‘Baby Witches’?

Hecate is working to awaken Witches all over the world. Thousands of new Witches join groups on Facebook every hour. As Elder Witches struggle to keep up with the ever growing members in their community, a new slang term, Baby Witches, has appeared on the scene.

Witchcraft is resource to build power in ones self and life experiences. We stand to raise our voices as rightful Daughters and Sons of The Queen of the Witches.

We are not helpless infants, or worse, a cheesy party trick on Halloween, dressed as some Patriarchal nimwits, dysfunctional sexual fantasy as the infantile sex kitten/witch ideas that have disgusted most Witches for Eons.

Why would we allow such a weak name for a proper Witch?!?!?!

What IS a proper name for a Baby Witch? Click here to find out. 🙂

what type of witch

Urban Dictionary even has the term listed as a popular phrase:

A girl who is strange, but uniquely beautiful
That chick was weird, but a definite Witch Baby


baby witches


Yes, Babies are Witches too… but they are helpless and depend on mostly humans for survival. Yes, children have magical powers and abilities that are often lost to us Human Adult Witches…this is not about them. Yes, we will have more on how to help Young Witches or Baby Witches. For now, this page is here to have a place to share ideas on how to use language in a way that builds credibility and trust in yourself as a Witch. Your first lesson will be to not place yourself in a position of weakness or being helpless, but in a position of readiness to learn, to grow.


You may be a ****** Witch…. here are a few signs:


1. You have a deeper connection and love for Nature, than you do most humans.
2. Animals gravitate to you, even out in the wild.
3. Hecate has visited you in Dreams, Visions and in Symbols.
4. You have premonitions that come true.
5. Spirits and Ghosts have frequented your home.
6. You can communicate with Animals in ways most humans cannot.
7. You have Deja Vu experiences regularly or in Seaons.
8. You work with the healing energies of Plants to heal yourself or others.
9. You have a strong interest in The Occult, Metaphysics and Magik.


Our group on Facebook, recently brainstormed some new, more appropriate for Empowered Witches who are new to the craft. Do you have ideas you would like to add? COMMENT them below!

What other word can we use for new Witches, other than calling grown adults Baby Witches?



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