Merry Meet!

Introduce your Witchy business in the comment section below. How can witchAF help you sell more products and services?

Our duties are to help Witchy Entrepreneurs access Wealth and Stability doing what they love.

Looking forward to our first Boss Witch Phone call to Network and share useful information and strategies.

This is a FREE program, no spammers allowed.



Whether you have a new business, small business, no business or are making big time moolah as a Witch, you belong here.

WE are stronger together…

What is this Boss Witch thing all about?

Networking with other Witches

Sharing your products and services

Learning marketing that works

Helping other Witches

Selling more products and services

Encouraging others

Empowering yourself


30 thoughts on “Boss Witch

    1. ooohweeee! YES… would love for you to do free readings some time to get more exposure…. would you like to write up something about your gifts and your services? Send it on over to me… i will add to this website and group.

      1. I’ve always loved helping people, I hope through boss witch I can help people tell their stories through jewelry when they are too scared to physically speak on it, and help people get dangerous cleaning chemicals out of their homes for their safety, children’s and pets safety as well.

  1. Oh this is wonderful! I just recently joined Scentsy due partly because my daughter has been a fan of Scentsy for years and she knew I was wanting something else going to make some extra money.
    So it was on her suggestion to join.
    My facebook site is Rose’s Twisted Scentsy and my scentsy site is
    I’m so excited!

  2. I had plans to get my botanical self care business up and running before Covid wiped my progress out. I sell milk baths, facial and body scrubs, and shave cream for now. I plan to expand and make an etsy shop but I need to get my clientele up first!

    1. Oh sounds wonderful! I would rather by these things from a Dark Mother, lovin’ Witch…than corporate america any day! Do you have any photos?
      Can you email me a bio on your and your products? I will add to the site for you.

  3. I’m Chris. I’ve been taking photographs for several years and recently I’ve been encouraged to pursue it, do some advertising and maybe sell some. I’ve never owned a business so any advice, suggestions, guidance would be greatly appreciated

  4. I am being work to manifest a preschool focused on helping children love themselves and all that is around them that will allow me to support my children in the same thing. I will free myself of the restraints I’ve felt tied down by working for the public education system as a 50 hour a week slave. I will fulfill what I am purposed to do without being stiffled.

    1. Thank you for your service my dear! Would love an update from you if you have the time to share with the community. Do you need care packages?

      YES… what a great idea… how is it working for you so far? How can we help?

  5. I have a lot of things for sell on my business site. I am slowly getting more people to check out the site but since it opened in June I have only had 5 orders. I am hoping things pick up for holidays. I don’t want to pay for advertising but that may be the way I have to go. I sell crystals, carved crystals, jewelry, incense burners, chakra items, pendulums, trinket boxes, and of course my witchy bath items, oils, kits, pentagrams, etc. Need help getting my website out there or my FB page which is also called twitchywitchllc on FB and has a shop button that takes you to website.

      1. I appreciate any help. I just worked on the pyramid page today. Shopify isn’t the greatest site to use but I don’t know how to code. I am slowly going through and correcting mistakes. Just taking time. If you find very large mistakes please let me know!! Thanks

  6. Hello WAF Community! I am an elder of Ravenwood Church & Seminary of the Old Religion in Atlanta, GA. In 2015, I started Kudzu Center ( a community for energy healing and metaphysics. I do intuitive readings, teach classes, and sell a few items. I send a monthly email. My website was revamped this week, so try it out and see if you like any of my offerings. All feedback appreciated.

    1. Welcome!!!! I will check out your website in a few. Very excited to see you in the community. Lets collab on something soon! I will be back from my 2 week apprenticeship with Green Witch, Susun Weed, begining October 1st… PM me here on in our FB group : witchaf
      Looking forward to chatting soon!

  7. I help my girlfriend run her herb /metaphysical shop. We specialize in empowering women, retired veterans and the community as a whole. We are a yoga studio as well and offer services such as intuitive readings, energy work, Tibetan Cranial, theta healing, massage therapy, yoni steaming, intuitive flower essence healing and more. We teach work shops on spirituality, self care, sacred sexuality, herbs and more. We have monthly free birth meetups and provide space for birth trauma support in our area.

    1. Merry Meet to you both! I would LOVE to share more information on the products and services you are offering, which sound WONDERFUL.

      Do you have time to chat with me before this Wednesday?
      email me or PM on FB asap please…..
      witch af

  8. Im still learning from you, while Im making my way to the top as well. I absolutely enjoy reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the stories coming. I liked it!

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