celtic witchcraft for beginners

Celtic Witchcraft For Beginners

In Celtic witchcraft for beginners, you learn about the ancient beliefs and customs of the Celtic people. You can practice this craft by weaving your own beliefs into your rituals and practices. Druids, for example, incorporated tree parts into their spells. Many people in Celtic lands still hang a horseshoe over a door as a ward against malevolent spirits. This practice is still used today and is an integral part of Celtic witchcraft for beginners.

Ancient Celts also valued the land and revered animals and trees. You can learn how to invoke the energy of these sacred animals and use them in your rituals. Sacred animals include boar, wolf, salmon, stag, and fawn. You can use their energy to create spells and rituals for yourself. You can also make bone sets and throw charms made of animal parts. You can also study the Celtic gods as well.

To learn the ancient Celtic rituals, you can find some very helpful books online. Celtic Faerie Witch is one of them. She teaches you how to cast spells for the ancient gods. You can also learn the ancient Celtic magick by reading a magical book, such as The Celtic Wicca Spell Book. However, you should not just follow her instructions. Remember to follow her advice and approach all traditions with respect.

Another important holiday to learn about is Samhain. The Celtic gods celebrate this event by mating. Wiccans and Druids both celebrate Samhain as a time to remember the dead. The celebrations for Samhain include a bonfire and communion with the dead. Celtic Reconstructionists practice this tradition to celebrate their loved ones who have passed away. Despite this fact, Celtic Reconstructionists also celebrate Samhain in the same way.