Conjure Rain Spell Chant for Australia

Witches! Australia needs us!
Join thousands of healers and witches from around the world in manifesting healing rains for Australia. We need to also manifest RIGHT ACTION by the peoples of the earth to take action in this reality to bring back balance.
ONLINE event… share as many rain photos, videos and GIFs as you can find. MAKE sure to tag: #witchaf #austrailia #makeitrain.
You can share poetry, art and other beautiful rain-related items in the event discussion and community page here: Australia
:::::::RAIN SPELL CHANT:::::::
Dark Mother
We thank you…
Gentle rains do come our way
Share your bounty with
Our sisters and brothers
Who need this today
Calm the fire
Ease the pain
Raise up their passion
to respect Mother Earth again.
1. Light small candle in a dark, quiet space.
2. Meditation on the flame.
3. Ask the Fire element for wisdom and understanding.
4. Chant the Rain Spell 6 times…
5. Sprinkle blessed water, gently to put out the fire.
6. Thank the water for its sweet blessings.
7. Go to sleep dreaming of gentle rains and healed lands.
8. Share beautiful photos and videos of rains and of Australia onto the community page here: