Do Blood Types Prove Your a Witch?

Is there a link between negative blood types and alien intervention?


Why are most, if not all, royalty O- blood types?


Is there a reason most negative blood types can trace their lineage back to the Basque people?


More often than not, if someone claims to be abducted by aliens why is their blood type negative?


More often than not, why do most people who experience the paranormal have a negative blood type?


How is it the O- people tend to have extra vertebrae and red tints to their hair?


Comment below your findings and knowledge.

Blood Type Personality Traits

Learning about a person’s personality by their blood type began in the early 20th century and has quietly progressed and been used by an interested few, but there are many skeptics and whether you believe or not it is a very interesting study. A book on the subject was written by Masahiko Nomi in 1970. By finding out your blood type you are certain characteristics and behaviors are revealed. Each blood type has its idiosyncrasies and this practice has been widely used in Asia for decades, but the Western world has yet to embrace the subject. There are some matchmaking businesses using blood typing to gauge compatibility and there are also blood typing consultants who calculate whether people will work well together and who will be the most productive.

It can also be used for relationship compatibility and the thinking is that your blood type helps shape your personality and reveals relevant information about your state of health. Your blood type can also reveal what kind of diet is most suitable making you aware of the right foods for your type. Imagine next time you go out and meet someone you say, what is your blood type, instead of what is your star sign? SOURCE:


A, Introspective, responsible, sensitive

B, Self-sufficient, independent

AB, Solitary, knowing, abstract

O, Active, driven, ambitious


What does your Blood Type reveal about you? Comment below your experiences, knowledge and intuition on this.


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