Dragon Witchcraft – Connecting With the Dragon

The practice of dragon witchcraft involves connecting with the dragon. A dragon’s energy resonates with that of humans, so you will have a natural connection to this magical creature. You can begin your work by placing images of dragons around your home. Light red candles to attract the presence of dragons. The red color also serves as food and light for the creatures. You can also use a pendulum. The following are tips for connecting with the dragon and performing rituals in its honor.

dragon witchcraft

Before attempting a dragon spell, prepare your altar. Clean it thoroughly and rearrange it as needed. Place three candles on the altar, one for each dragon. The candles should be lit on alternate sides of the altar, to make the spell more powerful. Alternatively, you can light all three. Before attempting your spell, you must consult with a shaman to get the correct lighting for the flames. Once you have the proper setting, you can cast the spell.

When conducting a dragon spell, you should prepare your altar. Start by cleaning and arranging your altar. Then, place three candles. These three candles should be placed facing up. You can place the candles side by side to create a circle. Then, cast the spell. During this time, you should pray to the dragon. When you are finished, place the candles. Then, you can sit and meditate on the dragon.

To perform a dragon spell, you must set up a good altar. Clean and rearrange it to your liking. You can also arrange your candles to suit your needs. If you want to practice witchcraft on a larger scale, use three candles in a row. Then, light the three candles and then proceed to the next step. This ritual requires you to follow several rules. It is important to focus on one element at a time to avoid confusion.

Firstly, you should read a book that contains information about the dragon. You should read as much as you can about the origin of dragons and myths. Before performing a spell, you must clean and rearrange the altar. Then, you should place the candles in the right order. As with any spell, you should light the three candles with three fingers to make sure they are properly lit. This will help you summon the dragon.

You should also read books on the history of dragons. This will help you become familiar with the legends and myths surrounding dragons. Besides learning how to talk to the dragons, you should also learn about the different kinds of magic. Then, you can start practicing your dragon spell by contacting the dragons and directing their power. A successful spell will not only bring prosperity, but it will also make you feel peaceful and protected.

The first step in a dragon spell is to research the history of dragons. Learn about the myths and lore surrounding the dragon. You should know that dragons were worshipped as gods. This is why the dragons were worshipped. As well as this, you should learn about the myths of dragons. You can also consult your spiritual guide to help you find the best ways to communicate with the spirits. The purpose of the ritual is to connect with the dragons.

Before starting a dragon spell, you should first learn about the history of dragons and the lore associated with them. In addition, you should research the myths surrounding the demonic dragons. This will help you to become familiar with the dragons in your own life. You should also learn about the importance of dragons in history. If you want to contact the druids, you should be familiar with the dragons of your region.

Before you begin the dragon spell, you should prepare the altar. Before you begin, you should clean and rearrange the altar. You should also use candles for the spell. If you want to contact the dragons, use three candles. This will help you to connect with the dragons. You should also know the myths surrounding the dragon. Saxon witchcraft has been around for hundreds of years, and dragons have always been a part of the history of this culture.