How many dreams do u have a night?

The dream space is ripe with symbols and metaphors, or right out premonitions and warnings. No Witch, leaves a good dream un diagnosed.

How do you as a Witch, connect with this magical space, and receive guidance from your Guides?

Each dream message has its own meaning for the Witch. One dream about a funeral, could mean literal death for one Witch, and a rebirth for another.

The number of dreams you remember each night, changes with the seasons and with the amount of lessons or inspirations that Spirit has to share with you at any given time.

WitchAF community members share their experiences with dream recall and their number of dreams nightly…

Lauren Ball
I can have countless it can be very overwhelming and exhausting. And sometimes ill only have one that i can wake up and go back to and remember. I think just matters how my waking life is going

Heather D McCormick
I have reoccurring dreams frequently also I can make myself continue a dream if I get up to use restroom..
I love to dream

Wendy Trazyk
Usually 3 that I can recall.

Bobbie Ann Walker
2 that I can remember

Tammy Dee
I used to have very vivid dreams where I’d remember almost every detail but the last 7 years I can barely remember dreaming 😞

Branden Rae
I usually remember three

Jessica Gregory
I may have one or more dreams a night ranging from different types and level of depth. The dreams that tend to grab my attention the most are the deeply vivid and reoccurring ones that last for days on end. The more vivid they are the more attention I … See More

Katheryn Pinkston

Jessica Souza
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So technically the whole time humans are in rem sleep we are dreaming. Can be fluid (running together) or individual depending on our state of recall. I love learning about dreams and that starts with learning how to recall them. I used to keep a dream journal and at one point could fill up pages and pages. Lately I just get up and go (stupid work)

Levi Borden
4 or more I think
But I’ll member 2 well…

Angel Morgan
I normally don’t remember my dreams

Kathy Wardman Martin
Don’t remember them. Sometimes they come back a piece at a time. Like something I do or see triggers it and then I remember bits and pieces. If I remember one .. it was a bad one.

History has taught us that the dream space is a free flowing reality that easily allows for Spiritual as well as self guidance to direct us in ways that are not available to use in the wakened state.

These visions and insights can come in a variety of avenues for Witches:

  • Daydreams. The main difference between a daydream and all other types of dreams is that you’re awake during a daydream.
  • Recurring dreamsRecurring dreams are dreams that repeat more than once.
  • False awakenings.
  • Healing dreams.
  • Prophetic dreams.
  • Vivid dreams.

What dreams have you had that have changed your life in some way? I would love to hear about them. Please share in the comments section below.

3 thoughts on “Dream Interpretation for Witches

  1. I dreamed that a blue car would drive through a group of elementary aged school kids… i was able to use this information to redirect an event that could of happened in my community. The symbols in the dream matched up well with the actual events.

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