Eclectic Wicca – How to Become an Eclectic Wiccan

eclectic wicca

If you have ever wondered how to become an Eclectic Wiccan, you are not alone. Many people have found this path to be liberating and empowering. Eclectic witches are able to draw from many different philosophical and religious systems, and can incorporate them into their practice. The key word to their practice is appreciation. Simply liking something doesn’t make it a practice. Eclectic Wiccans believe that there is nothing wrong with combining different styles of magic.

Eclectic Wiccans don’t necessarily follow any particular tradition or deity, but rather adapt practices from various sources and base their beliefs on various Wiccan principles. Eclectic Wiccans may be part of a group or convent, and may draw ideas from diverse sources. Some people may even adopt the practices of other religions, as long as they are compatible with their spirituality. Generally, eclectic Wiccans seek to use the principles of each tradition while still maintaining their own personal spirituality.

The vast majority of Eclectic Wiccans practice solitary, but this does not mean that they don’t seek the company of other practitioners. Rather, they may work with family members or close friends in the service of the gods and goddesses, or they may even choose to attend rituals and practices held by other religions. Regardless of whether these individuals are practicing Eclectic Wicca, they are always open to new ideas, values, and techniques.

Wiccans also tend to reject any connection to Satan, as the devil is a Christian invention, and does not exist. The majority of Wiccan traditions that developed after Gardner’s death are duotheistic, and believe in the existence of two principal deities, both male and female. A few Wiccans even identify with Christian witches, or claim to be agnostic. But whatever the case may be, it is important to remember that all Wiccans are free and equal.