How do you know if your pet is your Witches Familiar? What are some respectable and honorable names for them?

Comment and share a photo of your familiar below.


2 thoughts on “Familiars in Witchcraft

  1. They can see things most people can’t and are very protective of me & my sister in law when the unseen come around. When someone comes over with a health issue they will each take turns sniffing the exact spot the person is complaining about without being directed so I know where to focus healing magic to. Coco Chanel is my 10 year old Shih Tzu, 6 year old Tortishell Calico Bella, Huskita fraternal twins Sassafras Cinnamon & Lady Rose and 12 week old German Shepherd/ Husky mix Billy Dean Spencer aka Billy the kid.

    1. ohhhhhhhhh i love them so much already! Can you PM or post pictures here?

      Yes, even modern Science is learning how Cats and Dogs have the ability to sniff out illness… I can only imagine what a Familiar can do with that information!

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