What does the colors and shapes in your Aura mean about you, your path and what needs healing in your life?


I have always had a gift to intuit peoples intentions from an early age, but could never see colors or Auras around their bodies, until this year. I always had a sneaky suspicion that the people who claimed to see my or other peoples Auras were pretending. Every now and then, I would catch a glimpse of color around an object or person. I would think to myself, “Is this what an Aura looked like?”

As with most magical experiences in my life and reported by the thousands of members in my witch af group on Facebook, stressful events always bring with them a doorway to another life lesson, magical ability or insight into this reality we call life.

This year, one of my new magical abilities, is to see the Aura and colors of objects, animals and people.

I was sitting in a hotel room, waiting on news related to some very stressful events I had just escaped from in New York, and low and behold, looking at the blinds on a window, I see a thin orange glow or lights around the window frame. I slowly held the energy within my space, and glanced around the room…and sure enough, I saw colors around the edges of other items in the room, although not as strong as around the window area.

Although I am new at this, if I slow my heart rate and almost reach a point of relaxation where I could fall asleep, I can see the colors.

I first check in with myself and make sure I am not seeing migraine lights and colors, then I proceed with the experience.

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Post your photos below, does not matter if you use filters or not, I can still read them and let you know what is going on with your energy. Please note, we get hundreds of thousands of views a week on our Facebook group and website. So, if you are cool with lots of people seeing your face, go for it. If not, share a photo of an item you love or touch a lot. I can work with that as well.

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