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donate hugs

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Calling all Witches who have the power to conjour love and goodwill in our world. Magical Spell To Overcome Anything in Life.


Donate your time, money, smiles, hugs, spells, healing, humor and good cooking skills to make the world happier. The simplest of actions done by those who are Witches have the GREATEST returns in society.

How can YOU as a POWERFUL WITCH donate your time and resources every day to lift up our World?


Share some examples of how you promote and generate love inside yourself, your loved ones, family and community?

“When I feel love, I activate within me and others the same emotions. I have known this about myself for a while now. I have my days where I feel low and grumpy, and those are the times that I remember this secret power that I have. I immediately turn it around and focus on anything i can think of that inspires a love feeling inside.” Sandy

“I always greet strangers with a kind smile, i work hard to make sure I do this every time… even with the strangers that are sad and grumpy. I first “feel” how they are feeling to make sure it is safe for me, of course! then i try to give them an uplifting smile to help them with their day. I feel my day and mood improve as a result.” Kathy

“I try to share uplifting and funny posts in the witchAF Facebook group, every chance I get. It is so healing to see the responses from my friends in the group.” Marcia

smile today

We all can feel sad, lonely and down at times. If you are having a rough day, you can always hop on our community group on Facebook and let us know. We have thousands of Witches who actually care and will take notice. is the link to click on.

I would love to hear what you have manifested in your life! Share your life stories, spells and tips with a loving community of Witches & Healers.

Join us each Friday night at to call in for free and ask questions or share stories, spells and insights.

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