Gay Witchcraft – A Practical Guide

gay witchcraft

Gay Witchcraft – A Practical Guide

So you’re curious about gay witchcraft? Read on. You’ll discover that it’s actually a spiritual path that honors your homosexuality. It’s possible to find clearheaded theory and practice to support your spiritual path and bring you closer to the deity. Here are some tips for beginners. Read on for a practical guide to gay witchcraft. And stay safe. The world of gay witchcraft is out there! But how do you spot it?

The first step is to understand the practice of witchcraft. While witchcraft does not endorse any specific sexual orientation, it has a long history of tolerance and involvement of gay people. Penczak himself fled the Catholic Church and found a home in Wicca and the LGBTQ community. This book is unique in that it explores the historical roots of gay witchcraft and offers specific advice for gay and lesbian individuals. In addition to providing a practical guide for practicing witchcraft, City Magick also has a wealth of spiritual advice for the LGBTQ community.

Evans’ first book, Witchcraft and the Gay Counterculture, was published by independent Boston imprint Fag Rag books in 1978. Although Evans’ book is a history of the gay counterculture, its pacifist perspective has the added benefit of anticipating the queer occult-turn. While the book may have been published in secret by a ‘feral death coven clandestine’, it nonetheless anticipates the queer occult turn.

The next step is to consider the ramifications of a gay witchcraft practice. Evans argues that it offers a space for self-care and healing while avoiding heteronormative hegemony. This mythic platform can also mobilize the power of superstition to achieve social change. In this way, the practice of gay witchcraft can help queer people heal, find meaning, and engage in more inclusive practices.