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Psychic readings near me open now…

Welcome to The Official Witch AF Psychic Reading Page.

Readings here are always free and Spirit led. Please understand, that I work for and with The Queen of the Witches, Hecate!

Comment your questions below and I will answer once Spirit has shared their message for you. Make sure to follow this Witch blog in order to not miss your reading. If you feel inspired to donate to help me continue this work, I will send a special Spell, Chant and/or Healing Poem for you as well.




Comment your request below to be included in this free Shamanic Witchcraft Healing Session. I will reply to all who ask.




65 thoughts on “Healing Session : Shamanic Witchcraft

  1. it’s regarding my love life. I just want to know what’s coming my way this year or next? Anything positive/good surprises coming for me?

    1. Blessed Bee my dear… thank you for reaching out to me on my website and/or Youtube. I am here to help. Let me have a little while to connect and intuit your message.

          1. I’m going through some things right now that I can’t for the life of me come up with answers to like I normally do. If you could help me is greatly appreciate it. Blessed be.

          2. You are at a Crossroads in Life… the only One that can guide you is Hecate, Herself.
            How have you asked for Her guidance? Please share some ideas….before I teach you how.

          3. Hi I’m Katrina I’m from Tn..if you all could tell me what u think this is/means….I have these “bad feelings” so bad that it makes me want to throw up sometimes…when I have the feeling….someone always dies that I know..and then it happens in threes…these bad feelings never fail…and when someone I know dies, sometimes I dream about them and they tell me that they r okay after they have died..if that makes sense….

          4. Very nice to “meet” you Katrina….

            You are experiencing something very special. Have you connected with The Gatekeeper, The Queen of the Witches, Hecate?

            What symbols has she shared with you so far?

            Black Lambs

    2. I feel spiritually lost and not sure how to approach paganism.

      I am also unsure of what the future holds for me. No current job.

      1. How lucky are you then? YOU in in the middle of Kali Chaos MagiK!

        I am very excited for you… you can now, right time, in YOUR history, change course, improve your life, level up your Witch Powers!…… what will you chose to do right now?

        1. go for a run, jog or fast walk.
        2. get your Blood Pumping with some sort of exercise.
        3. what inspirations are downloaded into your consciousness?

        I want to hear about this soon.
        Blessings to you my dear!

  2. my husband and I are at a point in our lives where we have to make a choice to stay where we are or take a step out of our comfort zone which would relocate us 14 hours away from friends and family. We are going through the pros and cons but are still stuck between our hearts and our heads. Would moving and changing our life be a positive choice?

    1. Regarding twin flame situation. She decided to walk away from the connection completely. She came to me for help. She asked me to be a confident for her fiancé (woman she left me for). Although it’s a pain situation, somehow I am managing to be of help to the fiancé. I give her advice and give her a space free of judgment so she can freely express herself. We have very in depth conversations. I advise her and listen to her just like I would anyone else who would come to me. Am I doing the right thing? Any advice for me.

    1. you just did it….

      1. set your intention.
      2. lightly connect with Spirit and ask.
      3. gently allow them to respond in creative ways.

      act on these gifts of insight…

      how are you going to begin?

  3. I need advice on 2 things really. Should I move or stay and should I continue to be patient waiting for my ex to decide what he wants or move on? Thank you and blessed be 💜

    1. wait… your message is to listen, and to wait.
      your question is loaded with energies of needing the answer you already have to be the correct one.

  4. I have responded to everyone who posted a question in need of help today. I am going to check back in a few hours to respond. Blessed Bee to you dear!

  5. Hi, thank you so much for guiding me here to ask my question. Can you please tell me when I’ll find my next Long term romatic relationship? Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

  6. I have been having a lot of uncertainty in my love life and also with what my true purpose is in this life. I am wondering who I really am as I feel everyone’s energy and sometimes I believe it confuses my energy with theirs. I haven’t been successful at maintaining a steady job and often wonder if I just haven’t found my calling yet bc I don’t know what it is I am supposed to do. Help!!

    1. Wonderful question Jennifer! Some other Witches in the witchAF group are asking these same questions today… I will sit with this for a bit and respond. Make sure you list my email as not spam to see the message from Spirit.

    1. Ground yourself out in Nature…. stop forcing the answers…. connect with Her and experience Joy in your daily life. This is a must!

      The answers will come…easily.

  7. I have some questions regarding this new chapter in my life, as well as any information on my older (11yo) pup Murray. Thank you so much!! 🙂

        1. Hello Leia… YOU have to intuit this and agree with YOUR self first… STOP giving your POWER away. YOU can do this on your own. YOU are very gifted.

          do you want help with how to do this?

    1. Yes, you already have it with yourself.
      Spell you need…
      1. Every day, find 3 things that you LOVE… you must generate the feeling of LOVE.
      2. Forget about Romantic love, for now…let it come when your ready.

      Blessed Bee to you!

          1. Thank you so much! I had something say there is a very evil bad thing attached to me and right now so much going on it could be but I feel this and I need someone to help me in many ways that I could learn understanding and I don’t have much but I can try to donate as much as I can bc it’s important to me and it’s so appreciated this life in general knowledge and all the help thank you

          2. take that evil thing out to the woods and kill it. how? block out 3 hours, bring food and water and mace. stand in the woods, give the evil thing a name, then visualize the death of it by your own hands. drink and eat the food, first give the Spirits a taste of each…. then turn around, and fucking leave.

    1. Hello Emma, very Wise things to ask for…

      Take a deep breath and blow out slowly and longer …..
      Think only of your outbreath……

      Do this throughout your day. What times during the day can you do this?

    1. Right now… everything is on hold… in the meantime, what can you do to increase your over all physical, mental and Spiritual health?

      1. Physical health. Listen to ALL podcasts by Susun Weed on BlogTalkRadio.com on pregnancy.
      2. Include meat, dairy and fish in your diet, weekly.
      3. Walk in nature daily.

      Blessed Bee!

  8. Hello 🌸🌿🍄🌒
    New here! Always have been a natural. 30 yrs young in Indiana & im just now looking more into this part of me that I’ve overlooked for so long & feared so I’m here to grow and learn also find the me inside that I have always had a connection with but ignored find the beauty and true self love in real spiritual growth! So I’m not sure if I’m too late for a reading but I’m hoping not, I just am asking for the answers that I have prayed on and meditateD on multiple times but now and before an after my question for my reading…. ty so much
    blessed be

    1. Hi this is my second attempt for a reading I’m not sure why mine hasn’t came to yet but I need to know something anything cause whatever this is is destroying me I am alone lost and becoming not myself please help me with a reading bless be

        1. Thank you so much! I need to know the end of October is it going to be worse then I think or will I be ok with the desicion

  9. I do need help right now. I know this your post I was tagged in is 11 days old, but today is the day.

    I feel like today the Universe is against me and the negativities just keep coming at me. I know it’s the Virgo New Moon and I am Libra Sun, Gemini Moon. After the new moon ceremony I was part of last night I was so blissful and light so I am so surprised that today is so low.

    Thank you kindly.

  10. I love everything about your pages and your time you give to give us it’s very appreciated! I have a lot of personal things I would like to talk bout if anyone would mind to take time to help me understand and build my knowledge in some areas I would love if someone that could feel /see presence around me dark /light the big things coming I need to know how to prep myself . I also need a lot of help understanding who I am I know where I belong religion wise it’s always been true in my heart and soul I would love someone that just might have some extra time to answer a few extra questions and can help me open up learn and feel and see the true energy coming from me and what kind I am I have so much in my life that is out of control and understanding myself and knowing what I can’t see will help my life become the olace it was destined and finally understood and I can breath I appreciate someone so much I thank you all for being so welcoming and I thank u witchaf for this again thank all you blessed be!

    1. blessings to you… brave soul. i will sleep on your request and ask for Guidance.
      1. write down the things you can control. your breath, your thoughts your speech.
      2. practice using the things you can control.
      3. CREATE your next step here and reply to the comment. What is the next step?

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