Hecate is the Goddess of Witches who is trying to connect with you. If you are experiencing any of these 3 things, she might be trying to get in contact.

1) You are dreaming about her or interacting with her in your dreams.

2) You are recognizing patterns in everyday life that resemble the number three.

3) When you dream of Dogs, Horses, Frogs or paths that cross in a pattern of 3.

Horse Symbol of Hecate

In this section, we will be discussing the three major ways in which Hecate will make her presence known.

In working with a variety of Hecate-initiated contacts, I have found that she can show up in your life in a number of ways.

– She may present herself to you as an animal that you can’t quite identify, but know is there for a reason.

– She might come to you in the form of an unusual synchronicity or coincidence.

– Or she might present herself as someone who is having a difficult time and is looking for help from someone else.

How has The Queen of Witches, Hecate shown up in your life?

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