Hermione Granger – A Mudblood Witch

how is hermione a witch

Probably the best known witch of the modern era, Hermione Granger, has been praised for her quick-wittedness and thirst for knowledge. She was also the first to develop non-verbal magic and to learn new spells.

However, despite all her achievements, Hermione still faces discrimination. Some wizards consider her to be a Mudblood, a term used to denote people with non-magical parents. Others believe that mudbloods have no right to practice magic. However, Hermione is still an incredibly skilled witch. Unlike other pop culture witches, she does not rely on shape-shifting potion or magical goblet to perform her spells. Instead, she demonstrates what is possible through hard work and study.

Hermione Granger was born to Muggle parents. Hermione’s parents were unaware that their daughter had magical ancestry, but they handled the news very well. They were also surprised to learn that their daughter could become a witch. This was the first time that a Muggle-born child had been admitted to Hogwarts without her name inscribed on the Book pages.

The term “mudblood” was used by some Slytherins to denote those born to non-magical parents. However, some great wizards recognized the talents of Hermione and praised her. In fact, Remus Lupin called her the cleverest witch of her generation.

Hermione Granger became an important character in the Harry Potter series. She was promoted to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, which enforced laws against non-pure-bloods. She was also a great advocate for house-elves and other non-pure-bloods.

Hermione was a highly intelligent witch with a strong will to protect her friends and protect the magical world. She also showed gratitude towards magic. The main reason why she grew to become so powerful was her hunger for knowledge and her dedication. Hermione treated her magical abilities as a gift. Hermione showed that it was possible for a person to be a successful witch, regardless of their bloodline.

Hermione is a good role model for contemporary witches. She dismantles patriarchal systems and shows that magic is not only for the rich and powerful. She also illustrates many feminist principles.

Although JK Rowling was not a pure-blood, she was still eager to learn magic. In the summer of 1991, Rowling discovered that she had magical genes. However, it wasn’t until she was eleven that she had the opportunity to learn magic. In addition, Rowling didn’t have family members around to teach her magic. Instead, she read all of the spell books that were set out for her class.

Although Hermione Granger had to overcome discrimination and was a Muggle-born, she is still an incredibly talented witch. She is the best role model for contemporary witches. Her dedication to magic shows what is possible for a young witch. She shows what can be achieved through hard work and study, and she shows that witchcraft is not just for the rich and powerful.

Hermione Granger is the main character in the Harry Potter series. She is also the most prominent Muggle-born character in the series.