Hoodoo, Voodoo, which have you worked with?

What do you know about this dark and ancient form of Witchcraft?


Being WITCH AF, includes all forms of communicating and working with Spirits of all kinds. Good, bad and in between. Does good/bad even exist?

Being an Eclectic Witch, I am often led by The Spirits, to experience and learn a new craft. As of yet, I have not had the official calling, but am feeling the stirrings of curiosity, which I have learned from my own experience, is an invitation to dip my toes into the deep, dark waters of this powerful form of Witchcraft.

My Southern Roots, have caught up with me in Reno. Savannah Georgia still haunts my memories… lately I have been mesmerized by the rhythms of the new Beyoncé music to help me overcome a recent, and very traumatic experience at the hands of a renowned herbalist in New York. I will need therapy for a while for sure.


Beyonce a witch


They’ll never take my power, my power, my power
They’ll never take my power, my power, my power
They feel a way, oh wow (Boma, boma yé)
They feel a way, oh wow (Boma, boma yé)
They’ll never take my power, my power, my power
They’ll never take my power, my power, my power
They feel a way, oh wow (Boma, boma yé)
They feel a way, oh wow (Boma, boma yé)
I was always in the lead
Where you wanna be, I’m who they wanna be
B-E-A-U-T-Y, he never seen so much rage from a queen
Rage from a queen, queen so strong, thought she was a machine
Girl of your dreams, Sinclair regime
Turned to the max, can’t forget Maxine
Refer to me as a goddess, I’m tired of being modest
A hundred degrees, the hottest, if we being honest
Ebony and ebonics, black people win
They say we bein’…

What experiences have you had? Are you a priestess? Are you curious like me? Please comment your stories and experiences below. I want to highlight your gifts with our community. Comment on this page, below to share your experiences with Hoodoo and/or Voodoo. Your story or expertise is needed and will be highlighted in the official witch AF community of 14k followers.

Blessings and Power to you my dear!


witch AF admin

artwork by: Rodrigo Ramos
photo by https://500px.com/photo/190163825/white-witch-by-ronny-wieland

5 thoughts on “Hoodoo, Voodoo, which have you worked with?

  1. I’ve always been about love and light. As I’m getting older I am realizing that its not just about balck and white. White doesn’t mean good. Black doesn’t mean bad. It all works together and many things we are taught to fear in this culture of the USA is so black n white. No gray area. I want to learn as much about practices I’ve been afraid of because that gives me more understanding

  2. I too went through a very painful and traumatic experience, that had me questioning My Gods and My path. I was extremely suicidal, but than Hoodoo saved my life. I met a woman online that is initiated into an African Traditional Religion called Lukumi. She taught me the basics of Hoodoo, introduced me to the community and helped me reconnect with My Gods. I have such a reverence for The Tradition now, I truly believe it calls to those that have had traumatic and abusive experiences as Hoodoo was created by African slaves and Indigenous people as a way to practice without their Owners/Abusers knowing.

    1. Have chills from this…. blessings to you… thank you for trusting me to share.
      Thank you for picking yourself up…. thank you for being the powerful Witch you are.

      Please, send any stories, experiences, poetry or anything your inspired to share. Happy to post on this site.

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