How Do Witches Heal From Depression?

The deepest sorrows, and the loudest rage, come from a place of endless blackhole of emotion, feelings, memories and fear. Witchcraft offers a useful way to overcome depression that does not require mind altering pharmaceuticals or years of therapy.

The Goddess knows and sees and feels all. SHE has the Wisdom and Magik to help her Daughters and Sons achieve their desired wish.

Depression stems from the existential dread of impending doom. The loss of a loved one or career. The loss of your health, mental or be it physical, all awaken this fear, this grieving up ness called Depression.

witches heal depression

Some Witches use these energies to channel great Poetry, Music and Art. Some use it to destroy their enemies or themselves. This energy that is trapped in the “feeling” of depression is hiding underneath the countless days of wishing nothing more than to forget, to rest, to let it go. During this dark and quiet time, the seeds of anger are fueled with remembering’s and wonderings of the mind.

Ideas on how to enact your great revenge, to the days of wishing for your own demise. These are dark futile soils, for your dreams to resurface as a new passion for life.

Letting go is essential in healing. Feeling those feelings are as well. Solitude and stillness allow the mind and Soul to soar into the Ether of the Universe. Searching for a new spark of desire, to awaken your rage.

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

— Leonard Cohen

The Goddess is showing you what you don’t want, so you can discover want you do want. Remember to look for the signs, the secret stirrings in your Soul. The unsuspecting love for Parisian Music from the 1930’s or the way the light lays on the land right before Sunset?

All things created from Love, last for an eternity. Go, out into the great blue wonder of this Earth’s existence and find the beauty. Stoke the fires of desire in any fashion you can created. Lay to rest the blame and shame, allow your mind to freely explore all that the World has offered you. What if, there were no rights and no wrongs in the world? Only feelings? Feelings you have the power to generate, over and over again. Take this Witchcraft Exercise in Creating Joy below and implement at your leisure.

  1. Set your intention, whether you feel like it or not, to generate Joy and Love within the next hour of your life.
  2. You can Dance naked in your room or a private natural setting.
  3. You choose the music outloud or in your Soul minds eye.
  4. You dance the pain into the Earth, into Her powerful center.
  5. Spin and twirl, dance and even sing.
  6. Ground that rage into the center of Her soul.
  7. Dance until you are exhausted.
  8. The final intention is finding any and all beautiful things, experiences and sounds and visuals and…. you can find within a 20 minute period.
  9. When the depression and thoughts of negative painful reminders come back into your awareness…. laugh and dance them back into the Earth. Let HER handle them for a while.
  10. Continue to find beauty and add to your Journal. You can keep on paper, cellphone voice recorder, laptop recording… how ever you are INspired. Keep them handy as a powerful reminder of all that is wonderful in your world.
  11. Leave an offering for Hecate at anyplace that is a cross roads where 3 paths meet. *Food, drinks and desserts. Leave at the crossroads and never look back. These food gifts are for homeless people. This is how she wants it.

Over time, you will find more and more creative ways of channeling or redirecting your painful emotions. You will grow as a Witch with every good and painful experiences. If you find yourself stuck in a hopeless situation, read the simple exercise here on how to manifest what ever it is you need.

Witches know how to bend that energy, that rage into a beautiful work of art. Whether a new creative outlet, or knitting a bright pink blanket for your dad, these depressive energies are neccessary evil, a necessary Life experience that will pull from you and from the universe, your next creative adventure. What will you do with your depression?

Comment below your ideas on how you have or can take that anger and sadness and create something, hauntingly beautiful and real in this crazy world?



Witch Depressed Video by cottonbro from Pexels

4 thoughts on “How Do Witches Heal From Depression?

    1. While it is super important to find out what works for you, breathing techniques and meditation are my preferred method to help me deal with my depression and anxiety.

      Epsom salt baths with lavender helps to soothe the physical pain both may cause, and also relax your mind into a state that is open to meditate.

      Lately, I’ve been keeping what crystals I have close to me. I’m not too savvy in crystal work, but it is healing and comforting to keep them within arms length. My preferred crystals are jasper, amethyst, rose quartz, peridot, and emerald.

      Much love and peace to you sisters. I hope any of these have helped to ease your mind. 💚

  1. Hello! I am commenting to join the Facebook page. I did not know this page was for Hecate, which I find very interesting because I have been feeling a connection her for almost 6 months but I have been to nervous to interact just yet. I would love to be apart of the group to help me find my voice in honoring and learning about Hecate. Thank you!

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