How To Care For An Athame

Native Elders always taught to keep your totems and power items hidden from the prying eyes of others. This includes humans, animals and Spirits.

Your Athame is available as an ever watchful ally in your Witchcraft practice. Feed, clean, nourish and infused powerful intentions to keep Her in your good grace. Her powers of that of a secret sorcerer. Always vigilant in your protection. She does not boast, or brag, but calmly keeps a watchful eye, day and night. Her powers are deep and blood magic is strong, she has history of flowing the red tides of long.

Stainless Steel Athame – Gently polish with a soft clothe. Sing a song of war, love, magic and lore.  Run the Athame over an incense of your choice.

Seal its fate, inside a satin or silk cloth of your own color. Wrap and hide on top of your altar. I choose the color RED to wrap her in. As she longs to pour these warm and cold colors of your enemies.

Sea salt can clear any previous holds on the piece…but be mindful to remove any salt water before storing.

Full and New Moons are enchanting ways of bringing the magic of the Athame to life. Place outside under each of these Moon Phases for a full night. Retrieve before the Sun touches the blade on either side.

Steps to Clear Energies from Your Athame

  1. Sage the magical tool with a dried plant of your choice.
  2. Chant a cleansing spell as you do. Example spell would be “rise rise, previous thoughts, clear your will, or you will be caught.”
  3. Burn the edges with an open flame until red hot black. *Where gardening or oven mitts while doing this. You only need the edges to be red or blackened. Not the whole shaft and handle!
  4. Immediately dip the hot Athame into a cool put or pail of clear water.
  5. Your energies will forge with the power of this Athame for ever more.
  6. Store your Athame in Silk or Satin…hidden in a box under lock and key.
  7. Sing to your Athame the days before you expect to actively use in a ritual or spell.
  8. Bring Her to life before the use.
  9. Always thank and place Her in an area of Honor on your Altar.

So Mote It Be!


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