How to eavesdrop on someone using Witchcraft

How many times in your life have you wished you could be the fly on the wall in a room, listening to conversations of others who have wronged you? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to unknowingly eaves drop on any important conversations, at anytime they happen?

Having an upper hand so to speak, can help a Witch be in a place of power and protection throughout her life.

Integrating witchcraft into your daily life and experiences will help you develop these super natural skills.

Most humans were born with this natural ability. Also true, is that most humans will never have access to the natural powers that allow a person to eavesdrop in a 100% way that is legal and safe.


Where to begin?

Witchcraft as well as Shamanism is an exercise of direct revelation? What does this mean?

Unlike patriarchal, man made religions like christianity, catholicism and other woman, indigenous, freedom loving, hating cults, working with Spirits, working directly with The Goddess & The Gods of our past, present and future requires direct experience. No middle man to shame, blame and con you out of your hard earned money each sunday.

Beginning your journey as a new Witch, begins, always with The Spirits.

Connecting with a willing Spirit, or Spirits, who are available to help guide you through this exercise is simple.

Some Witches who have had several traumatic events in thier life, could find this exercise easy to master. If you have ever had to act fast, without thinking, in a stressful or dangerous situation, you have already been “trained” by The Spirit world.

Some Witches, however, have chosen to have a life of more leisure and pleasure. They too, will be able to use their super natural intuition to connect with what their Guides are planning for you.

Simple Exercises to Connect With A Spirit Guide

1. Set your intention to connect with a Spirit Guide who may or may have not already been setting the stage for your lessons in Witchcraft.

“how to set your intention when working with Withcraft” here.

2. Once you have set your intention to learn how to use Witchcraft to eaves drop on a person, The Spirits or Spirit, will give you intuitive “hits” on when, where and how you should continue with the next step below. #3. 🙂 All Hail Hecate! IMPORTANT: Once you have been Spiritually guided to find the best place and time for your Visualization in this exercise, proceed to #3 of this Witchcraft lesson.

humming meditation witchcraft

3. Begin this visualization with humming. Generate the Hum from inside your chest wall. If you slip up and the Hummm vibration is coming from your throat or mouth… gently with your intention, feel it inside of your chest wall again. Humm from within. Humm to gently remove any reasons you may have, consciously or unconsciously, that will limit your ability to connect with The Spirit or Spirits. Those Witches with years of practice connecting with their Guides, will enjoy this exercise and even though they will want to continue this Humming from inside, for as long as they like, they will instantly connect with their Guide or Guides. Some will hear a voice, some will see a mini movie or Vision. New Witches, will want to enjoy this exercise for 30 minutes or more. Enjoy the visions that come. Enjoy the inspiration and ideas that Your Guides will share with you. These are called by Humans, as Day Dreams. Witches know the difference. Elder Witches share how their Visions and Day Dreams from Spirit have a warm Sunshine vibe to them. Much like the first warm day of Spring after a long, cold Winter.

Watch this lovely video on Honeybees and listen to their song to remember how to Hummmmm….


4. Gently set your Intention, while in this blissful state, to wake to waking reality.

5. Wiggle your hands, feet and body.

6. Sit for 5 to 60 minutes remembering your experience.

7. Journal your experience in writing, or in voice via your cellphone recorder app.

8. Let the experience go. Get busy with something else as soon as you can. Get so busy with that next experience, that you forget, if only for a little while, the Humming experience.

9. You will get your message. Your Guide or Guides can simply tell you in a vision or via words. They can show you via a random sign on the side of the highway. Via a movie you paid to watch online. Via an email that was accidentally sent to you instead of the person you were eaves dropping on…. there are a million and more ways for Guides to communicate with Witches.

Pay attention to your early morning dream space. See “How to remember your Spirit dreams.” here.

Some Witches have developed this ability to the point of knowing almost instantly, what intentions the other person or persons have for or against the Witch.

You may feel you need to enact Karma, to fuel the energies of anger, hate, pain and trauma…and, as a Witch, you are allowed to do so in anyway you feel so to do.

You also have the power to redirect that poisonous path, to one of Great Power and healing for yourself and the World.

Have you been wronged by someone, too busy to “get them back”? But, something happened to them anyway? This is Spirit. The Great Web of Life, where all good, bad, brillian, dumb and powerful are intertwined in a never ending story of life. If you are ready to go to the dark side, that is your choice, always, even if for a short period to see if that life fits you or not.

What to expect?

Overtime, this ability will come as second nature to you. You will be able to send and receive these psychic messages anywhere.

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Question of the day to answer?

What times in your life, as a Witch, has your intuition and/or Spirit guides led you to the right place and time to receive a message regarding someone or something in your life? Comment your experiences below.


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