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The Universe has been asking us Witches for a while now to “Keep Calm”… stickers, signs, journals and books are filled with the Keep Calm Meme. As with all things in this reality, Spirit and/or The Universe sends us messages of what is to come. Whether it be a billboard, coffee coaster or a t shirt, Spirit can get the message through loud and clear for those who know how to read the signs.

How do you Keep Calm in a challenging situation?

  1. Deep breathing techniques.
  2. Visualize a protective white light.
  3. Take a nap.
  4. Hyper focus on the sensations of your body.
  5. Tighten then relax muscles starting with feet and move up the body.
  6. Scream into a pillow.
  7. Punch into a pillow.
  8. Scream on the top of a mountain.
  9. Scream on the beach, close to the loud waves of Mother Ocean.
  10. Knit or sew or any art project you can focus on while doing.

We asked members of our WITCHAF COMMUNITY on Facebook to share their go to calming techniques and strategies. I welcome you to add to the list and to share. Find your center and go through your life experience with an enlightened Witches view.  Share your wisdom in the group here: https://www.facebook.com/witchaf/

Welcome Witches! How do you center and calm yourself? Share your insights and wisdom to introduce yourself!


Comments from our WITCH AF Community on Facebook
  • EmmyStar Crane I go outside and take in the positive vibes from our mother earth, I also light candles( white amd blue) in my window at night before I sleep with a glass of water to catch the moon vibes, my name is Star I am Child of my ancestors they couldn’t burn
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  • Shannon Layton Root Witch here hello all 💚 I live in the woods with my 3dinky donkeys,2 goats, 20 something chickens ,2 border collie puppy’s and a whole mess of plants and other critters lol I’ve always been earthy and witchy. This is my happy place with the dirt between my toes ,surrounded by trees. I breath in calm.
  • Kristal Alfaro I listen to healing shamanism music.
  • Katelynn Cooper I like to go for walks and listen to music. I take in my surrounds.
  • Jessica Milbrett Thank you for the welcome!!
    I center and calm myself by smoking large amounts of marijuana, grounding, meditation, Crystal work, energy work, light work.
    I love being a witch and all the people that I have met on this journey of mine. I’ve been this See More
  • Mel Rooney Hi, I use meditation, earthing and music for grounding. Getting out in nature for walks and adventures helps keep me calm and revitalizes my energy.
  • Allie Grabowski I use white candles and meditate. I make a bubble in my mind and push the negativity and anxiety in there than push the bubble far away . Than I use sage to get rid of any negative vibes that may be lingering around. After that I feel better and very much calm in spirit and in mind.
  • Lisa Mckinney Hi and thank u my sisters 4 letting me join. I’m very new 2 the craft I don’t have access to books to help me embrace all the things I need 2. Also I think I might be an empath or sensitive. I sometimes have I guess visions. Um a friend kinda pissed meSee More
  • Rachel Storey Aloha friendz, brothers and sisters alike of our craft . I am Rachel, aka Sirene
    I am fairly new to our craft. But, never ever felt so at home as i do within the confides of this art..
    I am love, light,& spiritually fluid. I hadnt even known of my See More
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  • Tracy Smith Music and candles are how I soothe my soul.
  • Chieyana Molitor Music and incense. And my cat
  • Jynelle Coronado Smoking mass amounts of marijuana in all its forms…taking long walks alone through the woods or cemeteries relax me…if in stuck at home, candles and adult coloring is my current vice to help calm my nerves.
  • Sheila Bush Hi. Thanks for the adsd. Welcome witches. I ground by crystals, deep breaths. Meditation.
  • Terri Naranjo Mujer Lobo Love sitting outside listening to the wind. Birds. Nature
  • Terri Naranjo Mujer Lobo Thanks you for letting me join
  • Faustina Oluchi I jst get into this…hoping to know more about it..tanks
  • Alishia Banks Thanks for having me I try to meditate and clear my head.
  • Joe Cook Drink a beer and smoke a J!!! Oh yeah and burn some sage or some shit like that…😎😂🤣😂🧙‍♂️
  • Debbie Yount I live in the woods so I go for hikes or go to the creek and listen to the water and smoke green to open my mind
  • Wendy Schmeckpeper Woodruff Meditate, deep breathing, and soak in tub ❤️
  • Holly Barrett Soak in the tub, snuggle my kitties, shop (I know bad habit), take a nap.
  • Lisa Morgan Play an instrument/music, have a bonfire and present an offering, walk/hike barefoot…..just breathe and be gentle with yourself…..spend as much time with your familiar as possible!
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  • Anna Valasek Hi I’m Anna Ive been a witch sense my early teen years listening to music clams me I also used to love to take walks to this park were I live an sit under this big Willow tree


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