How to make magical smudge sticks


How to make a magical clearing smudge stick that is infused with your intentions

a guide for at home Witches who need smudge sticks that do more than look pretty.

What are smudge sticks used for in Witchcraft?

Smudging is an ancient tool, ritual used for clearing and cleansing a person or place either from threatening energies or spirits. Magical and Pagan belief systems have taught/shared the benefits of saging and/or smudging for EONS. Some of these powerful groups included:







Most plants that are used as a Spiritual Cleansing Tool, are always effective in killing germs, viruses and bacteria. Paul Bergner, a leading clinical herbalist, created the smudge shower for this very purpose.

Homeopathic doctors throughout Europe have used dried plants, like Juniper Berries and Sage, as a smudge to rid hospital rooms of
dangerous viruses. What types of plants can I use in my smudge sticks?

Top list of plants with volatile oils that cleanses and kill germs are:

  • Sage (many varieties such as white sage and garden sage) — negative energy clearing
  • Sagebrush — to treat wounds + headaches + colds
  • Rabbit brush
  • Cedar leaf — cleansing + purification
  • Pine needles — cleansing + purification
  • Balsam fir — cleansing + purification
  • Sweetgrass — healing + purification + brings positive energy {perfect to burn after smudging with a more potent energy cleanser}
  • Mugwort (Croneswort) — lucid dreaming + purification + calming
  • Juniper and Berries— cleansing + purification
  • Holy Basil (tulsi) — purification + calming
  • Rosemary — protection
  • Lavender — calming
  • Mullein — cleansing sickrooms + heals/improves respiratory function
  • Rose petals — meditation + calming + attracts love
  • Desert chaparral — negative energy clearing + protection + calm
  • Peppermint and other Mints — healing + protection
  • Yarrow — eliminates toxins from the body
  • Lemon balm — spiritual cleansing + calm

Where can I find smudge sticks?

Herb shops, and larger organic super markets like Wholefoods, Natural Grocers and Sprouts usually cary a variety of smudging bundles.

Most magical or metaphysical shops carry them as well.

Supporting small Witchy businesses is a good idea. You can often find small shops on Etsy and on Facebook marketplace to purchase beautifully hand crafted smudging sticks.


How can I make my own smudge sticks?

Witches and herbalists prefer to grow or wild craft thier own magical plants, infusing their own intentions and spells within the bundle.

Growing your own smudging herbs allows you to connect on a deeper level with the magic and powers of each plant.

You can also purchase herbs to dry, but these dried herbs are usually chopped up and will not make a great smudging wand.

Make sure to harvest herbs in a sacred manner, leaving an offering at each plant.

  1. Ask each plant in a ritual for permission to use in your healing/magical smudge.
  2. Once you have permission, choose the best dates/times to harvest.
  3. Cut at the base of the plant.
  4. Bunch all herbs together in a pleasing design.
  5. Tie with fire safe rope, natural is always best.
  6. Hang up to dry in a room that does not have harsh or direct sunlight for 6 weeks or more.
  7. Consecrate the smudge stick with your intentions via a ritual of your making.
  8. Store in a hidden container to protect its energies.
  9. Never throw your old smudge sticks into the trash. Always thank them for their help and spread outside back onto Mother Earth.

How to connect with your smudging plants?

1. Set an intention to connect with the herbs you are growing in your yard.
2. Day dream that your plants are asking you to communicate with them.
3. What do they want? What could you share with them other than water, soil, sunshine and love?
4. Crystals, features, compost, Moon infused water and other magical items are all lovely gifts to bestow at the foot of each Mother or Father plant in the group.
5. Spending alone time with each variety helps to build a trust with the individual and kingdom of plants.
6. Plants will also join you in your dream space, giving you insight on how to would like to be used within your healing practices.

mullien for smudge

Gather, grow or purchase?

Living in the city or an apartment can make things a bit more challenging, but can also add to the telepathic connection that you will be developing with the plant or plants of your choice.

Try taking walks at local parks and hiking trails while holding the idea of how you would like to work with and use the plant in your smudging bundle. Often I hear stories of people who say they had set the intention to find Mugwort plant, later to learn that they walked by her every day without noticing for years!

Elders of indigenous communities have shared for years of how plants can communicate with us two legged animals. Some plants communicate in dreams, sharing their ideal uses… other times they begin to grow in your yard or right out side your doorstep. Hinting that there is a need for them in your life.

Some plants will sing to you, when they catch you alone in the forest, not really thinking or talking about anything…just sitting or walking completely in the moment. Their song is much like a heavenly symphony of sorts that plays inside your minds eye and ear. Once you hear it, hopefully you can stay in the moment, not over thinking it and making the songs fade into the landscapes.

How to store my smudging sticks?

Smudge sticks should be stored out of direct sunlight, preferably inside your spellbound, magic box or suitcase.

Magical items should never be on display for all eyes to see. If you love the look and style of your magical items, you can get copies of them and use them as display, but only use your hidden magical tools for healing.

Is it safe to use crystals and other talismans with my smudge sticks?

Crystal smudging sticks are beautiful to look at and hold their own intensified energies. When burning your dried smudge stick, it is important to remember that crystals are conductors of heat as well as healing powers.

crystals used in healing

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