How to Manifest What You Want as a Witch


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We all have energies available to us, every day. We can choose to solve a problem in our life by choosing to focus on that problem only, but in a positive way. Here is a great example:


I am homeless, living with friends where ever I can. I really want to be able to afford a nice and safe place to live, but am so depressed and scared.


Visualize 6 lightly colored lines floating in the air, say about 30 feet from you.

Color each line with a color that represents an emotion or feeling. Red for anger, Blue for Depression/suicidal thoughts, Pink for sunshine, Purple for the cute puppies you saw last week… and so on.

Once you have your colored lines visualized, decide which one you are focusing on right now? Lets say you are focusing on Red for anger because someone just stole your shoes or something similar…YOU can choose to own those angry feelings and enjoy how they make you feel powerful, you can plot and plan revenge, scream and curse them… those are all healthy ways to cope.

Once you feel better, what do you want to focus on healing next?

Yes, I know, your shoes are missing and you can’t actually do bodily harm to the person who stole them (you could, but then you would have another problem called jail time to deal with) I mean, if you need food and shelter and can handle the sociopathic inmates and guards, then more power to ya! We are going to just move on and get to the good stuff.

Look at those colored, floating lines you created in your minds eye…which one represents something you really want to happen?

Let’s choose the one that represents a safe and affordable home to live in, shall we?

Ok, let’s pretend that the light colored lines you created for an affordable home to live in is currently pastel blue.

solve problems meditation

Visualize that light blue line, see it floating in the pretty blue sky, see if floating around peoples faces and inside buildings…obsess on this beautiful, pastel blue …fluffy line that you created!

Do this daily… make it a HABIT.

Every time you see the light color BLUE, I want you to do something that gives you a credit of confidence. What do I mean?

  1. Tell yourself you are going to do something later (your choice) then no matter what, do it. Come depression, a rain storm, hail, blizzards, fires, tornadoes… doesn’t matter, do the thing anyway. This is your daily exercise.
  2. I don’t care if you are telling yourself that you are going to force yourself to look in the mirror and say one nice thing to yourself every day, I don’t care if you tell your self to go over to the other side of the street and pick up trash and place it in the trashcan….do it!
  3. Then, once you are doing something every day that YOU DECIDE to do, you create something called FOLLOW THROUGH POWER.
  4. Then you can ignore all of the other lines, and focus only on your new safe place to live, you are ready to make this happen!

This Magical Spell is different than what the teachers of The Secret share, it is more of a “I need this in my life soon” spell.

I am a strong believer of Practical and Useful Magical Spells.


I only share what works.

  2. IGNORE THE OTHER LINES. Meaning, if someone makes you feel angry, depressed or suicidal, TURN OFF THAT now. Let that shit go. Redirect your thoughts to the light blue fluffy line that represents your goal.
  3. Do this over and over and fucking omGoddess over again until it is habit.

The Universe will send you people, places, experiences, books, movies, classes, jobs and experiences that will get you to your ultimate goal. YOUR job is to say yes to as many of them as you can, however BIG or small they might seem.

Obviously, if someone asks you to do something dangerous or illegal, you should not do it. You should clearly mark your BOUNDARIES and remove yourself from this toxic person as soon as and as safe as possible.

Here is an example of how The Universe will guide you…

You have been doing a good job focusing on your light, fluffy, blue floating line that represents a safe and affordable home for yourself. You have been redirecting your thoughts, actions and words to ONLY your light blue line.

You start to notice that same color blue on cars, t shirts, homes, items you donated or items you purchased from thrift stores, tv shows, clothing and OMGoddess, everywhere. Each time you see that light blue color, you get giddy inside or you get pessimistic and depressed (redirect to something you love…anything to get you back to automatically thinking of the light blue light and your new place to live).

This spell could have you thinking that you do not need to do anything or rather sit back and let The Universe do all of the work for you, you would be wrong. You are a Witch, and you are very powerful. YOU would be board to death if everything was done for you, wouldn’t you? I know I would.

You are playing as The Creator of your life with The Universe.

Here are some examples of what to do to let The Universe know you are ready to have this in your life.

  1. go to the library and check out movies, audios, books and/or take classes on home ownership, renting properties or anything related to living in a safe home.
  2. watch Youtube videos on how to keep up your home. How to repair items that break inside of a home.
  3. watch videos online of programs that help low income people get into an affordable home.
  4. call organizations charity, government, religious (hide the fact that you are a Witch) and ask, how can they help you? Can you volunteer time there weekly as a secretary or receptionist or maid?
  5. list out all of the apartment rentals in your city. look up on Craigslist,, and others. Note the rates and requirements of each. Spend your free time calling each and asking questions regarding how to rent the place.
  6. spend your time obsessing about all things real estate.
  7. You will start to meet people, learn things and maybe even land a job with someone you speak with.
  8. You will build up your Spiritual experience around all things real estate related.


The Universe will send you what you are working towards. Who knows, maybe you will take a few classes and become a real estate agent. Keep it open though, this spell works pretty fast. Just follow along with what comes your way and say yes. This will work. It is not a straight line like the ones floating out at a distance, but a curvy road with surprises around the corner. Keep the flow going.


become a rich witch


You can use this spell on anything that you are working on right now. This spell will work immediately, once the “thinking” and “feelings” inside your body align with you being more confident in your ability to make something happen in your life.


It is a daily ritual, a life long spell. YOU are the MAGIC that makes it happen.

What else can you use this spell on to help you achieve?

I would love to hear your stories!

Join us each Friday night at to call in for free and ask questions or share stories, spells and insights.

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1 thought on “How to Manifest What You Want as a Witch

  1. It took years of being homeless off and on before I realized I could do something about it… Hecate is a HUGE part of my success with using this Spell I created. I am here to answer questions and help anytime.
    Blessed Be my Witches!

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