How To Purify Your Athame

Keeping your magikal tools clean and purified will help keep your abilities in positive shape. Allowing the deep dark depression of regret and loss to overcome your mind, powers and witchcraft tools is a strong experience and lesson in life.

Cob webs of grandmother spider can come to retrieve the unused gifts, sharing with the Fae and other spirits of this world and beyond.

When a Witch is ready to connect with these powerful tools of Witchcraft again, how is she to begin?

All cycles of birth, death and rebirth begin with a purification.

Your magical gifts and tools require your love and attention.

Steps to purify your Athame for Witchcraft Use are as follows:

  1. Remove your Athame from its Sheath.
  2. Please on a clean table.
  3. Dig a soft cloth into sea salt water.
  4. Rub in counter clock wise circles all over the Athame and Sheath.
  5. Rub with another clothe dampened by Moon water to remove any of the sale residues.
  6. Dry rub with another clothe to completely dry the magikal tool.
  7. List the ceremonial knife up to the light and inspect for damage and/or stuck items from incense, food and offerings.
  8. Repeat steps above to remove any findings.
  9. Burn incense of your choice over and under the whole item.
  10. Once felt intuitively that the item is cleansed, lay both pieces out into the night air under a full or new moon for charging and/or removal of energies until first light.
  11. Reclaim the items before the first rays of Grandfather Sun touch it in anyway.
  12. Use this Athame immediately in a ritual where only you and it are incast in a magikal circle.
  13. Sing, dance and stroke this item with your body in pleasure.
  14. Build up love and lust and power with this witchcraft tool.
  15. Shower it with Rose petals, herbs and song.
  16. Wrap longingly with a satin or silk cloth, preferably of RED color.
  17. Store in a place of honor on your Altar or hidden in a magikal box.

Athame or Ceremonial Knives are to be used in a way to invoke your desired intentions. 

Follow your own path, or those of Witchcraft religions if you so choose. 

Always ask the items for your help and guidance in how best to connect and use their powers for your benefit and knowledge. They will speak to you in song and dream and vision… they will alert your awareness to their magikal uses via coincidences, serendipities and longings, for all matter has a spirit. Respect and honor their lessons and experiences always.

Always mind local laws when using your ceremonial knife in a public space. Most states require you to keep the knife within its sheath while in use. Dulling or softening the blade does not matter to the legal requirements of this US law.


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