Have you experienced manifesting something you love, seemingly effortlessly? Have you noticed that by doing things that you are inspired to do, it brings you closer to more feelings and experiences of joy, bliss and love?


Inspiration, feels as though Spirits have touched your soul, even if for a moment. A divine idea, motivation and urging to take action on something that will increase the dopamine feelings the original inspiration inspired.

What a lovely path to be on?

Reminders are hidden everywhere within a Witches experience in life. A flower that fell out of a bouquet of inspired passion, a Hummingbird trapped inside a window, waiting for a brave soul to come set him free…. a parking ticket that positions you right in the middle of an impromptu dance part in the middle of Paris?

How can you as a Witch, gain these special and very magical moments?

Simply by being aware that they exist.

A more experienced Witch, can remind herself, during the most challenging and depressing times of her life, that these experiences exist. She does not have to do much work about it… Spirit will see that she needs a lift, a reminder, and will send it at once.


This magic is available to every Witch. Its energy is similar to that of The Fox Totem. Hiding in plane site!

Foxes are very playful and FAE like. Wont you come out to play?

Comment below an experience you had where you were Inspired to do something…what were the results of following that bliss?