I am no longer a christian Witch

Why would anyone call themselves a christian Witch?

The church is shifting into a more millennial friendly version of its self, hoping to cloak the clarity of truth over the willingly hypnotised, sheep who sacrifice their free will, in return for a false comfort that a daddy god will lead them.

Wake up Sheep! Are you casting your life as a sacrifice to a false god of patriarchal genocide?

You who have the Spirit of The WItch! RISE up. Be known. 

The church and governments have brainwashed whole societies, for thousands of years. christians stand by and even cheer on, racism, sexism, child abuse in all forms… all while sleeping at the wheel of their own life. “fitting in” with other sheep, who are desperately fearful of retaliation RISE up Witches. Make your self known. Be Wise and Free.

original post by Sherri Keenan

“It was not witches who burned.

It was women.
Women who were seen as
Too beautiful
Too outspoken
Had too much water in the well (yes, seriously)
Who had a birthmark
Women who were too skilled with herbal medicine
Too loud
Too quiet
Too much red in her hair
Women who had a strong nature connection
Women who danced
Women who sung
or anything else, really.
Sisters testified and turned on each other when their babies were held under ice.
Children were tortured to confess their experiences with “witches” by being fake executed in ovens.
Women were held under water and if they float, they were guilty and executed.
If they sunk and drowned they were innocent.
Women were thrown off cliffs.
Women were put in deep holes in the ground.
The start of this madness was years of famine, war between religions and lots of fear. The churches said that witches, demons and the devil did exist and women were nothing but trouble. As we see even today, there is often a scapegoat created. Everything connected to a women became feared, especially her sexuality. It became labeled as dark and dangerous and was the core of the witch trials through out the world.
Why do I write this?
Because I think the usage of words are important, especially when we are doing the work to pull these murky, repressed and forgotten about stories to the surface. Because knowing our history is important when we are building the new world. When we are doing the healing work of our lineages and as women. To give the women who were slaughtered a voice, to give them redress and a chance of peace.
It was not witches who burned.
It was women.” 🙏🏼🙏🏾🙏🏿🧡🍁🔥

DaniëlRa Laeisternad Xctly!
And yet, in this time, 2020, we must beware, that not the same happens again!
– with all them abrahamic religious people spread over the world, infesting the world with their non-sense.
And believing being right, while they are wrong!
and Iwomen!

Ps. I personally blame the ones who wrote the
Malleus Maleficarum;
Heinrich Institoris & Jacob Sprenger

Anna Cleobury Makes me feel funny looking at this pic my heart goes out to those poor magical women xxx

Mary Kay Friedline Still disgusting

Comment your experiences with the church and supposed christian Witches below.

2 thoughts on “I am no longer a christian Witch

  1. Christianity is a hypocritical and judgemental cult. I left the “Church” many years ago due to a gay bashing pastor. I have found comfort in the forest, along the lakeshore…mother earth is my church

  2. If you have ever danced with the Flame of the Holy Spirit, or dined with He Who challenged the woman’s stone throwers to “cast the first stone- if you call yourselves perfect,” you would know He was never behind the witch hunts. He never led them. He never justified them. He is as She as He is He.

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