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Merry Meet my Lovely!

Welcome to the official WITCH AF Facebook Group. Please introduce yourself in the comments at the bottom of this page.

I review and approve daily. Remember, that this is a PUBLIC Witch website and group. What ever you share, will and can be seen by thousands of people a day.

  1. Who are you? What makes you unique and special?
  2. What type of Witch are you right now?
  3. What do you want to learn more about?
  4. How can you help a WITCH AF Witch Member in the group? A kind word, funny meme or?

Share a photo of your WItchy AF self! Or better yet, share a Witch AF photo of your familiar!


By Joining This Group You Accept The Goddess…

  • “I accept Hecate here and in the afterlife as my Goddess and Dark Mother. So Mote It Be! “
  • All posts must contain either a tag to #witchaf @witchaf or group tag.
  • Subscribe to group email list here. Requirement.
  • BUSINESS RELATED POSTS: If you need more sales, PM me first before posting to the group. If you continue to share business related posts, I will have to remove you. I am a kind witch who wants to help all. Be respectful.



92 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself Witches!

  1. Merry Meet! I am Sandy, WITCH AF admin and founder. Spirit inspired me to create a community for WITCH AF several years ago. As an Eclectic Witch, I always follow Spirits messages as often as I am allowed to do so.

    This group, this WITCHY AF community has grown to several thousand views a day. Witches from all of Mother Earth, coming together to share, learn and heal.

    I welcome you to this experience. I welcome you home.

        1. Hi! I’m Emilie, I’m 23 from England. I believe I am a sea and luna witch. I have so many crystals and I’m obsessed with the moon. I’d love to learn more about divination methods. Love and light

          1. Hi I’m Batina and I live in Florida. I have been on a spiritual journey for about a year now and have so much to learn still. I still don’t know what kind of witch I am.

      1. Hello everyone ! I’m luz im 23 years old and super new to witchcraft ! I’m not so sure as to what type of witch I am I’m currently researching and practicing it all. Any help to any subject I would love thank you and I can help by showing ways to recycle and reuse items and super cheap green witch magic ✨

        1. Merry meet, im Celeste. I’m 30 years old joining the calling and practicing for nearly 1 year now. I’ve always used candles to connect my calls, being a empath for many years now can’t seem to make it stronger. I go by an elcetic witch path. Blessed be

      2. hello, im emily, I’m not sure anything makes me special, but when something bad happens to someone i always know. i get a muscle spasm for it. I am not sure what kind of witch I am as I am a baby and still trying to learn! I would love to learn about any and every thing. I could help by offering advice or knowledge i have, a kind word.

      3. Mariah here, long time spiritual knowledge seeker and light worker. Excited to see what this group/page has to offer!

      4. Hello I am a newbie soaking up all the knowledge I can. Finding more peace within everyday blessed be and thanks for having me in your group

      5. My names Cheyenne! I’m currently learning about herbs, crystals, plants, etc and how to use them and their magickal properties in spells and rituals. I’m beginning to study Italian folk magic, as I’m part Italian on my dads side. On my moms side I’m Native American and use aspects of that side of my culture as well. Really here to just learn more!

      1. Merry Meet all! I’m Aimee, and I am 24 years old. I’ve been researching for about 6 months now so still fairly new to the craft. I’m definitely eclectic. I’m hoping to learn far more about energy manipulation. Learning how to create, change, and send forth energy to have effective spell work and be more spiritually sound overall. (Also want to learn to astral travel😉) I can offer to the group support, encouragement and positivity✨ Blessed be 🔥

    1. Hello, I’m Deazha. I’m learning more and more about myself & the type of witch I would like to be. Just trying to find my path basically.

    2. I am a trans woman and gray eclectic witch. I have been practicing since 91. I lean more towards goddesses. The divine feminine. And my own divine feminine. My pronouns are she/her.

    3. Merry meet beautiful beings! My name is Brittany and I believe I am coming into finding out who I am. I’m attracted to all things water, anything to do with the ocean, lakes, rivers but feel energy from all things in nature. I am a healer and love to cook too. I hear messages in the wind, in my head, in my dreams and future waves of activity so present themselves in various ways so, maybe eclectic? I have survived things that would kill many, I’m truly a cancer , hard outside and soft in. I want to learn from others and offer anything of myself that is beneficial. I don’t know a lot in terms of what is considered “witch” I have always just felt energy, connections and emotions. I’ve noticed when I’m struggling or going through craziness, shifts in my landscape so to speak. Music will sound different, food tastes different and I feel like I’m on a merry go round. I’m so happy to be a part of this family, to learn, grow and heal.

      Blessed be

    4. Blessed Be Sisters. So thrilled to find this group. Hekate has been my Goddess and guide for years now. I feel at home.

    5. Hello!

      Feel blessed looking at communities like these where we can be ourselves. I am Somya, a Hindu Witch from India.

      Thank you for this space!

      Love & Light

    6. Hi all,
      Sam here, hedge witch, solitary practice but I love meeting other practitioners online. I love gardening and my tarot deck 🙂 I would really like to learn more about different crystals and pendulum work.

    7. Jello! My name is Maggie. I am pagan and I’m also new to witchcraft. I have only been studying for about a month and im really drawn to herbs, palmistry, and astrology. I have a few crystals and im starting my own garden soon. Wish me luck.
      P.S. I can now grow LAVENDER woohoo

  2. Merry meet! I am Jessica (she/her) from Maui Hawaii. I incorporate a lot of local lore into my craft. I am a green-ish, chaosy witch, practicing off and on (mostly on) for over 20 years. I love nature, working with herbs, and candle magick. My path changes as I do, and I give myself lots of room to learn and grow. I’ve had a relatively traumatic past and do a lot of shadow work and meditation. I’m also avalible to support and listen to anyone that needs it. Blessed be, family!

      1. Merry Meet! I’m Julie from South Carolina! Learning more about myself each Day and Loving It!!! I am in Love with Nature and Animals!

        1. Hello my name is Randal. I been practicing for over 24 years. I am originally from Arizona but now reside in Upstate Ny.

    1. Hi, I’m Alice. I have 6 nipples, 3 in the front, 2 on my back, and 1 on my shoulder. I am a diviner of ancient texts and a manifesting medium. I would like to learn stuff I didn’t know I didn’t know and I can contribute what I’ve learned to others.

  3. Hello I’m britteny from oregon. I honestly cant tell you what witch I am . Looking for fellow people who are uplifting and down to earth.

    1. Welcome Britteny! So happy to see you here. Feel free to share anytime in the group. Also, if and when you are inspired by The Goddess to create art, poetry, articles, videos and insights, I would be happy to share on this website for everyone to see. Stay true to your own inspiration and become your own guide.

      1. Who are you? My name is Emily. What makes you unique and special? For being Esoteric.
        What type of Witch are you right now? Cosmic Witch
        What do you want to learn more about? About Witchcraft and all kinds of Alchemic Practices in Mysticism and Metaphysics
        How can you help a WITCH AF Witch Member in the group? A kind word, funny meme or? To suppot and interact many witches with common interests

    2. Merry Meet!
      I am Amber from Jacksonville, FL and I’m uncertain as to which witch I am. I have always had a great sense of getting to know my real self over the past year through my witchy ways! I am excited to meet more people who are positive energy and good vibes 💜

      1. Hello Stefidragonfly here.
        I consider myself an eclectic grey. Excited to connect and learn Merry meet and blessed be. 🌛🌝🌜

  4. Merry Meet! I’m Angie, and I’m just me. I do what feels right to me. I try to stay open minded, and always remember that not everyone is where I am, and not to judge. I believe that there is something to learn from everyone we meet. I want to understand everything, so ask a lot of questions, and then I question the answers. I love to learn about different ideas and understandings. I’m intrigued by any and everything that is spoken of with passion. I love real, raw, and authentic. I do me, and try to leave room for others to do them, always hoping to learn, and willing to help. If what comes into my life is meant for me is will stick, and what isn’t will fall away. I trust in the universe, and understand that lessons are not learned easily. Growth is painful, and with every lesson I become stronger. It’s just the way of life.

    1. So nice to meet you Angela! You remind me of an Eclectic Witch, like me! Do you have more experiences you would like to share from your journey as a Witch?

  5. Blessed be,

    My name is Daniel,
    I have followed the path of magick
    for about 25 years or more.
    From psychology, to wicca, to magick.
    It’s mostly the same, only the use of energies herbs, planets, spells and rituals and so on might slightly differ.
    And the use of ESP, should be normal.

    The split up by magick and wicca, came when Aleister Crowley and Gerald Gardner took a split.

    Migène gonzalez-Whippler has wrote a very good book as basic;
    -spells, ceremonies and magic.

    It’s too bad the unity is gone.
    especially in this world nowadays!
    We should all unite.

    So mote it be.
    DaniëlRa LæisternAd:.

    1. SO excited to see you in the group! I am looking forward to your posts! Please, if inspired to do so, wont you share more of your knowledge in the form of posts on this website?

    2. Hello Stefidragonfly here.
      I consider myself an eclectic grey. Excited to connect and learn Merry meet and blessed be. 🌛🌝🌜

    1. I am an Empath, INFJ, Pisces, and have been practicing 16+ years now. I’m a Solitary Eclectic Hereditary Grey Witch who works with Hecate. I want to learn more ways to connect with her. I’m a good listener abs and I have a pretty good sense of humor so I’d be able to help in a multitude of ways.

  6. Merry Meet,
    I’m Lisa Manning from Cocoa, Florida. I feel I’m a bit unique because for most of my life I’ve felt different. Just this year I stumbled upon this awesome sauce group and realized what my true calling was. I consider myself a nocturnal witch. I am obsessed with everything being done after midnight. I love to perform only positive spell work and I love my candles. I feel I can always bring positivity to our group by postings things that make our family smile and feel welcomed. Also a laugh or two is a guarantee if you see my posts. Blessed be.

  7. Hi I’m Samantha! I’m just starting to really learn and practice but I know I’m an empath. I also hated it as a kid but getting older I’m learning to embrace it and use it to help myself and others. I’d love to learn more about any and everything witch related! I don’t have many around me who are believers and everyone thinks I’m weird so I’m just glad to be part of a group who understands and I feel are my sisters already!! Thank you for the approval!!

  8. Merry Meet. I am new to the craft and finding my journey to be a long one apparently. I do however know I consider myself an Eclectic Pagan. I am 34 year old mom to a 5 yo daughter. originally from Tn but moved just across the state line in Ms. I love divination( tarot and oracle). I love crystals, herbs (which i am learning about), i am actually really interested in learning about everything. When i see myself i would love to be one of those hobbit witches lol. One that grows everything needed, one that uses herbal medicines and what not.

  9. Hi I’m Ashley. I’m fairly new to this but I’ve known my whole life I was different. I love to learn all things witchy and hope to learn a lot.

  10. Merry meet! My name is Amber. I’m 24 years old. I am eclectic witch, and I’ve been studying my whole life. I come from a line of generational witches, meaning it’s in my blood. I can’t wait to meet like minded people and connect with you all 😅💛

  11. Merry met, I’m Necole!
    Still discovering myself on this path, I’m a grey chaotic witch. I’m hoping to connect more to Hecate and further myself on the path she’s lit for me.
    I’m by no means advanced but here to help and contribute in any way I can

  12. Hello I’m Lena! I’m a new witch and still learning what type I am. I can contribute because I’m funny and what’s unique about me is my dreams end up playing out step by step a few months after I have them.

      1. Hi! I’m Amanda I have not figured out what I am yet, I’m still trying to figure it out. I have read my different things only to know that I want to learn more for me.

    1. Hi!!
      My name is Michelle. I am new to this and would LOVE to learn more!! So if you have any advice, links, etc please let me know!! I’m very excited to be in a group with people that have the same interests as me and could help me grow!!

  13. Greetings! I am Laine! Right now I consider myself a Green Witch. I practice Tarot card reading, crystals and communing with nature and animals. I consider all experiences magikal and look forward to learning more about how others commune.

  14. Hi 🤗

    My name is Bess. I am a brand new baby witch. I want to learn everything. I know it will take years of research and practice but I want to be a sponge for knowledge. I want to be apart of a awesome, loving community. I want to get to know new people and their stories.

  15. Hi there! I’m Delphi. Not sure I’m more special than any other witch but I can feel vibes of people, places and things and I’m basically a human lie detector.

    I practice Hellenistic paganism but I don’t restrict myself with deities and spirits. I also work with Saint Cyprian, Medusa and her sisters. I consider myself grey eclectic, I suppose. I’m scholarly and I do traditional workings such as the PGM.

    I’m currently taking a course through the Blackthorne school in Hellenistic Astrology to hone my craft there. So I guess that’s what I’m interested in learning right now.

    I’m a daily devotee of Hekate and work side by side with her. I’m sure I’ve got a lot of little bits of knowledge here and there to help the group with when needed in several areas 🙂

  16. Hi! I’m Kiya. I just started getting in touch with my intuitive side with tarot cards, crystals spells. Always been into witchcraft since I was a child. But I’m a beginner, so much to learn still. Recently had an ectopic pregnancy and since then I’ve been trying to be more at peace with myself, it’s helped my stress a lot. Hope I will be accepted. Thank you.

      1. Hello I’m Heidi I’m a noob to watch things but always felt attracted to them. I’m a friend of the cats and crows.

  17. Hey I’m Hayley I’m solo and I like it that way. 28 and only discovered that my “thoughts & feelings” were more than what they are maybe 2-3 yrs ago. Spend most of my time at home with my familiar but open to new friends.

  18. Hello, my name is Casey. I dont know how unique I am but I will say I had a huge connection with animals since I was young and was able to pursue a career as a veterinary technician where I get to enjoy my passions everyday. As I am still learning after almost a little over a year, I might consider myself more of a hedge witch but I am still unsure. I believe in both light and dark aspects of magic as well. Still trying to find my nitch. I am interested in learning more about the history of witchcraft, the gods and goddesses involved and finding where it connects back to me.
    I hope to be able to give more advice once I am more seasoned, but even so I hope to give beginners a better understand of certain aspects of witchcraft that I learned that helped me. Memes are good too, I love a good laugh.

  19. Hi I’m GiGi from Tennessee. I don’t know what kind of witch I am yet. I’m here to learn and uplift others like myself! I am unique and special because I’ve never got in a crowd. Always been different from others. And I’m ok with that. I will help others by uplifting them, supporting their craft and lend my advice when it is needed!

  20. Hey I’m a new witch I’m not sure exactly what type of witch I wanna be since I’m interested in so many different types

  21. I’m an eclectic traditional grey witch, I’ve been practicing my whole life however only really took the plunge over this last year. I would love to being friendship and whatever knowledge I can share with others.

  22. Hello my name is Sophia and I’m a beginner witch who is in the broom closet. I’m excited to meet new people and learn new things.

    1. Hello beautiful ones. I am Eva and I’m from Texas. The craft has always been a part of me since my early teens. Never knew what to make of it then but now have gotten more and more into it. I’m quite open about it. I’m more of a grey witch. Hecate has recently appeared to me in every I’llday life. In books, tv, or on social media etc.. Although I have never worked with her or anyone, I wouldn’t mind the idea.
      Merry meet, & Merry meet again.

  23. Hey beautiful souls

    I’m Sam. I’ve practiced on and off since my teens. Ive just given which type of which I am some thought, I’ve only very recently realised this is my calling in this lifetime. I love to work with the moon, astrology, the planets, crystals, music, nature… I will bring my energy to the group I expect with the odd funny meme as I am hear to learn from those more with more experience than I 🙂

    1. Merry Meet!
      My name is Mary, aka Gemini Moon
      I’m a 66 year old crone, practicing as a solitary since my early twenties. Blew the doors off the closet, after retiring from the public school system, where I worked for 30 years. Eclectic Chaos Witch, walking the grey path. Together with my Christian husband, since I was 14 and he was 17. Married for 49 years. Two adult sons, and a hearts daughter, who divorced my eldest son almost 25 years ago. 5 gr grandchildren, 9 grandchildren. Raising three of them, 2 of whom have multiple special needs, including autism, asbergers, ocd, odd, adhd and Tourette’s syndrome.
      I am on the council for my coven.
      My hobbies include photography, writing Childrens fantasy, macrame, crochet, beadwork, sewing, candle, soap, and perfume crafts,
      I can contribute a crones wisdom, on life skills and the many paths and aspects of the craft, as well as advice, observations, support, and memes.

  24. My name is Christen but everyone calls me CiCi….. I’m a bubbly fun knowledgeable wiccan who loves to expand my knowledge of my beliefs daily…. I have a son who is 4 and a baby on the way ( I hope it’s a girl this time)….. I’m a wiccan who is focusing on mainly just rituals and crystals right now…. I really want to expand my knowledge on everything though…. I’m the type who will be here to support my fellow wiccans and I will help them expand their knowledge if it’s something I can help with…. Below I’m including my most recent picture at my uncles wedding…..

    ~Blessed Be

  25. Hello my name is Aneissa I was recently introduced to the craft my my grandmother n would love to learn more as I grow as a witch
    I am looking for mentors in a way to teach me the way to do things correctly

  26. I’m ash, open to all practices. I’m a solitary witch. I love learning about anything and everything, broadening my horizons. I can help other witches in witch af by providing support and kind words.

  27. Hello, I m Jackie I am very new to this witchy world and asking for guidance. I’m willing to follow all rules and suggestions that are given. Thank you in advance to all. Blessed Be.

  28. Hi👋🧡 I’m Cynthia and from near Ottawa, Canada. I am a supportive listener and want to learn more on the power of the universe.

  29. My name is Sally, and I am a full-time artist.
    Right now I am still in the learning stages of exoring what gifts the Goddesses have bestowed upon me and trying to use them for a common good.
    I want to learn everything I can about all things Wiccan.
    I am a great listener and an empath, I could help someone gain a little bit of strength when they feel weak.

  30. Hello, My name is Joselin but I like Josie best. I a newborn witch and I’m just starting off in my journey. I’m not sure what kind of which I am yet since I believe I need some guidance to be able to help me determine who I am in this new world. I want to learn about myself and grow into someone more in touch with herself and others.

    Blessed be.

  31. Hi, My witch name is LadyLunaOwls. I am a balanced witch of light and dark. I see, feel and have the knowing sense. I would love to learn more about what I don’t know. To hear the communication clearly when seeing and feeling

  32. Hello Beautiful people! I am trying to find my path at the moment. I have always been drawn to witchcraft in all its forms. I use different rituals that my Nan taught me were old wives tales which I have found are actually rituals. I am eager to learn and have discovered heaps already. Thankyou for letting me join this amazing group x

  33. Hi, I’m Chanel/Witty Diodon. I’m 27, I have a hightened intuition and have been practicing various types of magic with no teacher to begin with since I was about 7 or 8. I’m learning about daily rituals for my general and mundane wellbeing. I have advice to offer if asked and wish to learn more from others as well. Also I’m here for the lolz.

  34. Hello, I’m Kyle from Michigan. I’m somewhat new but have been drawn to primarily Celtic with a little Norse influence.

    1. Blessings!

      I’m 30. A mother, wife, daughter, aunt, and sister. I’ve talked to and walked with spirit since I was a child. At 12 my mom married a witch who taught me and showed me alot.

      I’m not fond of labels, but I would call me an Eclectic, Grey Witch who works with Spirit, The Universe, Angels, the Sea’s energies, the Moon’s, energies and my own Divine Feminine energies & power.

      I never want to stop learning. Right now I’m interested in learning how to decipher the meaning of symbols in visions and dreams.

      I would love to help brothers and sisters, old and young, in anyway that I can. From sharing advice or experience to being supportive or being a friend.

    2. My name is Amanda and I am 29. my birthday is April 22nd. I was born with a heart condition i have a Orange tabby cat child named Garfield have practiced both light and dark I have learned a good bit on my own but would like to know more and hear others experiences. have been going through various difficult struggles and have been feeling misaligned and depressed seeking some guidance from fellow witches and hopefully make new friends I thank you for letting me be a part of this with all of you

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