For years I’ve struggled owning who I am. I grew up in a religious household that left very little room for religious or creative freedom. Finally after years of suppression, I found my voice. And I found my voice through art. I didn’t know it when I first began, but my eyes see so much more than just the scenery, the light, or the people.


They see into the window that shows me how to best showcase each client. How to make them feel special, appreciated and BEAUTIFUL. Empowerment of women is so important to me, having struggled for years with my own body image. Through this I met some amazing people. These people turned out to be my soul group, my twin flames. My amazing friends helped me understand just exactly who I am, and helped me along the way to the first steps into my craft. Ever since meeting them I’ve been able to delve deep and hone my craft, which in turn has only made my passion for photography grow. I’ve developed a different perception and grown to a new level in my business.

That’s where Wanderlust comes in.. Wanderlust is my rebranding, my heart and soul and everything in between. With Wanderlust I know I am capable of pushing myself even further in my business and path, to be a mentor and friend to those who are just beginning theirs. I can’t wait to launch into this new demographic. All while capturing special moments and mentoring those that walk the same path as me. Wanderlust is about travel, adventure, magic.. and not just any old magic, the magic we each have inside of us that is waiting to be lit. That is what I hope to capture in every session, and in every moment. Love, light, and healing.

Brittni Wills – Wanderlust Imagery.

Owner/Photographer Statesville/Charlotte


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