Magik – The New Mutants Superheroine


While most characters from the New Mutants first appeared in the 1982 graphic novel, Magik and the other classic characters were originally introduced in the ongoing series. While characters like Cypher and Warlock first appeared in regular New Mutants stories, Magik and the other classic characters first made their debut in Giant-Size X-Men #1. In the first New Mutants mini-series, Magik battled the X-Men’s oldest rival, Magneto.

Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina

The fictional superheroine Magik is a mutant who can teleport from place to place and fend off external dangers. She also suffers from internal demons. Magik is the younger sister of Colossus and a member of the mutant race known as hechicera. She is also the protector of the X-Men on Earth-616.

Illyana first appeared in Giant Size X-Men #1 in 1975. In a four-issue limited series, Chris Claremont revealed more of her origin story. In the comic book series, Magik demonstrates some of her powers and is the best-known mutant among the New Mutants. The movie adaptation of The New Mutants is due in late 2017.

Magik can teleport herself and other people. She teleports into and out of other places using “stepping discs” from a dimension known as Limbo. Magik has also traveled across continents, between different time periods, and even interplanetaryly. In addition, she is capable of teleporting a group to a different location. However, this ability is limited to human beings.

As her magical power increased, her body armor began to take on demonic characteristics. This armor was designed to deflect physical attacks while increasing her resistance to the Transmode Virus. Magisk also uses the power of the mystical realm to help her fight other monsters. Magisk is also an expert in unarmed combat. She possesses a strong fighting spirit, and can use her sword to defeat opponents.

Illyana Rasputina was the youngest of two siblings, and her older brother Mikhail was an adult when she was born. Mikhail became a cosmonaut for the Russian government and never met his younger sister. As a child, Illyana was sold into slavery and was constantly at odds with a group of terrifying creatures known as Smiling Men. She is also accompanied by her hand puppet Lockheed, and appears in the film The New Mutants, directed by Josh Boone. She makes a cameo in X-Men Legends. She is psychically kidnapped by the Shadow King and used to lure Professor X onto the astral plane.

Although the X-Men were able to rescue Illyana, the X-Men were unable to return to Earth with her. During this time, she was able to learn Russian. She had a long-term memory of the events of her childhood, and was able to use it to remember her family and the events of her future. This ability allowed her to be an integral part of the X-Men’s mission.

The evil force Belasco was seeking to use Illyana’s soul and life essence in order to make a fourth bloodstone. This deed caused Illyana to search for ways to destroy Belasco. She eventually found the ability to create an energy disc that would allow her to teleport through time and space and save her family. Illyana also killed her childhood friend Cat.