Meet a Witch – Susan O.

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Hello witchaf I am Hawthorne witch descendent. I love earth an moon work my daughter is a chaos witch a descendant of Hawthorne and Osborne witches. I’m a quiet person really with many gifts but very reserved in using them. (self doubt really) I have 3 female guides that I know of. who guide me well try to. lol


My grandma use to tell me the guides will teach me an they have for the most part I’m kinda hard headed though an get blocked time to time but my guides already know this. Im still learning. I can’t read my 4 kids though who are all gifted in there own ways partly because I never dismissed what they told me they see or hear or felt. Growing up I never fix in with christian religions (Salvation Army brat junior lieutenant here) My grandma was a captain but she was gifted an believed we should honor all beliefs or dishonor the great Creator’s work. The Goddess and the God the Alfalfa and the Omega the Angels and Demons the mother and the father you an me. We all are part of a bigger place an time then what we can see alone but with guidance we become a bigger more important part of it all. Like this group, this family of witches who have blessed my path with wisdom and guidance an I hope to contribute in some small way weather it be sending healing light an positive energy or prayer’s of understanding.

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