plants that are used in witchcraft

The plants used in witchcraft were often poisonous because the witch wanted to “hurt” their enemies. They would also use these plants as an excuse to heal themselves.

The plants that are used in witchcraft are not all the same. Some have been found to be poisonous and others have been found to be healing herbs.

Witches were known to have used a variety of plants for healing, as well as for poisoning during medieval times.

One way to find out if a plant is poisonous is by observing its flower and leaves…

The use of plants in witchcraft is prevalent throughout history, and the most common plant used is Mandrake. In this section, we will explore how it can be used to heal, and also how one can make a poison from these plants.

Mandrake is a plant that is said to have magical powers. The legend says that a mandrake root yanked from the ground will emit a scream so loud it will kill anyone who hears it.

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