How to Protect Your Athames Powers

By birth, an Athame has certain powers. Forged by Fire, then by the most powerful energies of Water, Athame is a marriage of Feminine and Masculine energies. “Once the sword was red hot the swordsmith took the newly formed sword and quenched it in water, hardening the blade.”


How can any Witch, build upon such a fiery birth and watery death?

Each Witch has her own Guides, Her own intuition as to what actions will work the best for the intended outcomes. Ask your Athame, to speak to you in your dream space. Honor the images sent, but re in acting them with your Athame.

Using your Athame in a Spiritual space, builds connection to physical and spiritual planes of existence.

Position and place your Athame, in a restful but watchful place on your altar.

How to build up spiritual protection for your Athame?

  1. Cleanse with Sea Salt water.
  2. Allow to Air dry, under the New and Full Moons.
  3. Polish with Black satin.
  4. Sing a song of Power to Her.
  5. Feather red Rose petals stolen from a Grave yard of your choice.
  6. Keep Her hidden from others view. Your and Hers…Power to be stored.
  7. Light a candle of Black, on either side in the middle of the day, 12 noon. Sacred to Hecate!
  8. Lightly touch the tip of the Athame with a fresh Poison Hemlock Leaf. *Mindful to not die for exposure of Poison Hemlock. Search this site for Poison Hemlock cautions.

Wear a cloak of Red and Blue… dance with your Athame, sheathed or unveiled.. sway with the energies and visions that come.

Learn how to care for your Athame here.

Sharpen your Athame, with visualizations and metal. Forge your energies into the metal with every thrust. Birth a powerful protection rite and allow Her to come alive.

Keep your Athame hidden from public view. Never share online either. You can comment below a sonnet or song to your Athame to bless Her!

So mote it Be!



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