In Pungo, VA, an up-and-coming astrophysicist and her family’s new resident, Grace Sherwood, stumble upon a twisted tale about a convicted witch, and embark on an otherworldly journey. As she faces an old evil with a mission to correct history, she comes face to face with a dark past and its consequences. To help her, the author has created a series of puzzles for her new neighbors.

This historical fantasy movie is set in 1706, and follows the infamous dunking of Grace Sherwood. Dunking, or drowning, a witch was a common punishment for witchcraft. If the victim floats, they were innocent, but Grace Sherwood does not float. In order to save her, Sam, played by Matthew Sharpe, and Bud (Mark Hyde), the two hire a paramedic and an ex-SEAL. Together, they discover what Grace Sherwood has been hiding in her house.

Film fans will enjoy the unique combination of adventure, fantasy, and magic in Pungo: A Witch’s Tale. With an impressive cast of characters, the film features special effects and supernatural creatures. The storyline is classic: the evil witch gets her revenge, but in the end, the hero finds redemption. In this way, Pungo is not only a fantasy, but an entertaining adventure for the whole family. If you’re looking for a new adventure for your family, this film is a great choice.

The story revolves around Grace White Sherwood, a midwife, healer, and farmer. Sherwood was accused of witchcraft for causing crop damage and the deaths of livestock. She was arrested several times, and eventually tried for witchcraft. She was sentenced to eight years in jail. During her trials, she was bewitched and had to prove her innocence. To do so, she had to spend eight years in jail.