Rabbit Visualization – Witch Class

rabbit in witchcraft
witch class homework for tonight:

Rabbit Totem to Manifest Warm and Fuzzy Feelings at anytime needed.

🐰 close your eyes… dream up or call up the totem animal of Rabbit.
🧲 in your daydream with your eyes closed, send manifestation to increase the number of rabbits in your minds eye.
🤗 visualize you sitting with all of these soft, fluffy and friendly rabbits.
Do this as long as you can… use your imagination.
Report back to the group your experiences. You can comment below your experiences or questions.


Purpose of this visualization is to help you manifest warm fuzzy feelings and use the power and magic of Rabbit totem to help you multiple these good vibes for the Rabbits as well as for your life.

Use this feeling and visualization anytime in waking life where you need to calm yourself and feel good.
Love and hugs!
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