Revolutionary Witchcraft explores the history and practice of politically motivated magical practice, with a special focus on social justice. The book combines a detailed explanation of mystical rituals with core organizing techniques, offering actionable ideas for magical organizing. The book includes customizable spells and rituals. It is written for both experienced and new practitioners, and will help you find ways to make your magic work for you. This book will be a valuable tool for any witch seeking to learn about political activism, and anyone interested in learning more about the magical arts.

Sarah Lyons is an occultist, writer, and activist. Her writings have appeared in Teen Vogue and Vice, among other publications. She has also written for Buzzfeed, Slutist, and Broadly. She is an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America and serves on the New York City Chapter’s Ecosocialist Working Group. She is a proud witch and would highly recommend Revolutionary Witchcraft to anyone who wants to learn about the history and practice of witchcraft.