Spell to Increase Beauty

This spell can be used for inner beauty as well. Thank you Leah for the heads up on this one.

“I believe the way it’s worded can be used for outer and inner beauty. And like with every Spell, you can always transform the words to make it your own. Speak truly from the heart, have pure intentions, and harm none.” Lead official witchAF member


Step 1. Place an unbroken Cicada shell on a brass bowl before a lit GOLDEN candle.

(alternatives :  if a cicada shell is not readily available such as snakeskin, abandoned cocoons, or something else that sheds its skin.) a big thank you to Stephanie Davis in our group on Facebook. 🙂

Step 2. Pour over: Jasmine, tuberose, narcissus, rose, gardenia. Set shell on fire, say:


” Dead thing, Evil, old and dried, This Foul skin be cast aside, And thus transformed to Golden Fire, New and Young and Fine and Fair.

cicada used in witchcraft

Step 3. Crush ashes in a bowl.


Step 4. Drip candle wax in bowl, make into paste with finger tips. Form a ball. Wrap ball with silk and keep in drawer near most reflected.


Step 5. Close eyes and repeat incantations before looking mirror.


Step 6. Waft smoke around your face.  With every waft, the spell should show.


Need help with this Spell? Want to share your results? COMMENT below. We respond to EVERYONE. Each one, Teach one.
Beauty is truly a FEELING on the inside. No matter your age or vibe…. Beauty is something we feel on the inside. For those of us who wish to through this ancient wisdom to the side, and become a Vixen none the less, have fun on your journey, but know this, you can always come back to yourself. Always come to a place of inner knowing, that your soul, your essence… is fucking beautiful.
If you know the original Witch who created this Spell, please PM me in the comments below. A witchAF member shared this Spell in our group, but does not claim ownership of it. She learned of this Spell in her early 30’s and does not remember the rightful owner.
She had this hand written note, secretly given to her at school one day…”I felt really ugly growing up. One day at school, it was in my desk.” Leah.  This spell and has used it over decades. She is a very beautiful #witch on the outside as well as the inside. She was sweet enough to share her hand written notes from years ago. You can just feel the intent in her writing and words.
If you have other Spells, you would love to share with the witchAF community, post in the comments section below and I will be happy to create a new page for you.
Much LOVE and respect,
witchaf admin