When on an Alabama witchcraft and spooky places tour, here are a few must-visit destinations:

If you want to try something authentic in the realm of witchcraft, are just in search for a place to buy your ritual supplies or to relax, visit Books, Beans, and Candles for an absolute out of this world experience. 

Books, Beans, and Candles

Cloaked on the outside by a canopy of flowers and greenery, one could easily mistake this stately Victorian structure on Birmingham street for someone’s home. But don’t let appearances fool you, for inside those doors an authentic Alabama witchcraft experience awaits you! The shelves of this two-story shop are well-stocked with everything, from Ouija boards and spell casting accessories, to energy healing devices, incenses and crystals. 

And as you step into the main foyer, you’ll truly be transported to a mystical realm. Talk about a real-world spooky place, you’ll see dried sage and other healing herbs hanging from the ceilings, and an assortment of swords mounted firmly on the walls. Venture deeper into the home and explore its peaceful ambiance. It generates a vibe of serene energy. 

And, if you are interested, the store holds classes on mysticism and workshops on various new age topics. There’s even a regularly scheduled Pagans and witches meetup if you are interested in the dark arts!

  • Jemison Center or Old Bryce Hospital (Northport, AL)

Do you want a truly haunting experience on your Alabama witchcraft and spooky places trail? Well, then you shouldn’t miss a visit to the Old Bryce Hospital. Known as Crab Orchard back in the 1820s, and later named Cherokee Place, the site of the hospital was a 4,000-acre plantation for crab apple trees.

Alabama witchcraft

SOURCE: https://opacity.us/site245_jemison_center.htm

It eventually became the first establishment for the insane in Alabama, but experienced severe overcrowded conditions by the 1920s. Poorly staffed, by ill trained “professionals”, the institution soon earned a reputation of maltreatment of its inmates – even to the point of cruel and torturous “treatments”. It’s rumored that many patients who entered the hospital in search of mental relief, suffered terribly and perished within the four walls of this dreadful place.

Visitors to the mansion are quoted as experiencing severe hot and cold spots – a sure sign of paranormal activity – throughout the hospital. Items move on their own, and people have heard blood-chilling screams and cries of agony. You’ll even hear footsteps and mysterious creaking of doors and floors. 

  • Gaines Ridge Dinner Club (Camden, AL)

No Alabama witchcraft and spooky place experience is complete without a trip to the most haunted restaurant in Alabama – the Gaines Ridge Dinner Club in Camden. Situated in an 1820s Antebellum home, the restaurant has a spooky history of family-friendly ghosts. So convincing are the paranormal encounters at this eatery, that the owner doesn’t believe they are ghost “stories”, but refers to them as “ghost truths”.

Gaines Ridge Dinner Club

SOURCE: http://www.wilcoxwebworks.com/gr/

The owners report hearing a co-worker scream for help and, upon investigating the occurrence, the worker denied doing so – might it be attributed to one of the “friendly ghosts” pulling a fast one on the owner? Other visitors have reported smelling the aroma of pipe tobacco smoke, and yet other diners and visitors have seen ghostly appearances, including a floating woman in the windows, the wailing of a baby, the figure of a tall bearded man, dressed in black, in the mirror. 

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