Here are three places in Arkansas that are a must visit to get an authentic feel of the Arkansas witchcraft and spookiness vibe.

  • The Four of Wands:  Fayetteville,

The Four of Wands in Fayetteville is a must see on your Arkansas witchcraft trail. If its spooky places that you want to see, then that’s where you’ll find it. But there’s plenty of insight, energy and intuition to go around too. When you step into the store, it’ll make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a different realm! 

If it’s your spiritual and metaphysical self that you wish to explore, then the trained witches and spiritualists here will help lead you through your journey. Through the practice of “brujeria” (or witchcraft in Spanish), psychic readers and energy workers will help you make meaning of your life. Don’t get spooked by the aura of wicca and paganism emanating from the well-stocked shelves. Sweet scents, candles, oils and icons for diverse faiths – you’ll find them right there at The Four Wands.

Spooky places in Arkansas

For those of you that wish to feel some of that insight, just step into the community room and see what lays ahead for you. Get a Tarot card reading and feel the power of witchcraft at its best. You can even have knowledgeable staff perform enlightening and powerful Reiki while you feel transformed to another dimension.  

  • The Parlour: Hot Springs

If your Arkansas witchcraft experiences includes getting the feel for authentic witches’ spells, tarot readings and sessions with real Oracles, then The Parlour Hot Springs is exactly what will peak your interest. Visitors also come from across the state of Arkansas to explore the wide selection of candles, fragrances and books on a varied range of witchcraft topics, spiritualism and mysticism. 

Arkansas witchcraft

And, if names like “Old Soul”, “Coffin Box Burner”, “Evil Queen” and “Sacred Smoke” don’t arouse your sense of spookiness, then the primitive South meets Spooky New England vibe of its back-store certainly will! Lined with chairs and tables, the dimly-lit space gives visitors and clients the genuine aura of being somewhere deeply spiritual and exotic. You’re immediately transported to a different dimension, where magic and mysticism happens.

And The Parlour isn’t just for casual New Age spiritualism dabblers. If you are a spiritual energy practitioner, you’ll also find a lot that grabs your interest. There’s a whole selection of products created by local artisans. And in the “back place” there’s also bone readings and psycard interpreting that’ll simplify even the most intimate secrets of your soul. And for die-hard pagans and witchcraft fans alike, the store offers informative workshops and classes on witchcraft, healing and mysticism. 

  • Crescent Hotel – Eureka Springs

So, no Arkansas witchcraft and spooky vibe experience is complete without a visit to a real-life haunting site. The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs is just the place to get that type of spooky experience. So true is its fame, that it has been featured on multiple shows and TV channels, including the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, Paranormal Witness and SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. 

Built in 1886, the haunted history of the hotel began almost immediately. While still under construction, an Irish carpenter fell from room 218 while working on the room. His ghost is said to haunt the place. Later, when an untrained doctor turned the hotel into a hospital in 1937, many patients are said to have died due to his malpractice – including drilling homes in the skulls of patients to “cure” them. 

Strange occurrences, like spirits in Victorian dress wandering about, gurneys rattling down halls, hands coming out of bathroom mirrors, pots and pans flying around the kitchen, cries of pain, and doors slamming shut on their own, have been reported at the hotel.

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