The Nutmeg State is no stranger to witchcraft and the paranormal. So, if you are a planning a Connecticut witchcraft excursion, make sure you add these destinations to your list:

To get a real sense of what witchcraft, magic and spells are all about, make sure you add Enchantments to your Connecticut witchcraft tour stops. Owned and operated by Ms. Faith, a 40-year veteran and practitioner of the Old Ways mysticism, the quaint store takes visitors back into a mystical world of magick, witchcraft and enchantment. 

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The store offers something for everyone looking for a wide variety of witchcraft experiences. It has a fully-stocked witch boutique, where you can buy or browse through items related to spiritualism and witchcraft. These include scented candles, resin incense, spell bottles, hand-crafted jewelry, crystals and more. Those looking for a truly soul-baring experience, will also find a wide range of spiritual and psychic services available to them.

What’s unique about this store is the Enchantments School for the Magickal Arts. This goes way beyond the hour or two-long sessions you’ll expect at witchcraft fairs and workshops. Lead by Ms. Faith herself, the curriculum includes everything – from basic foundational principles and magickal practices for new aspirants to mysticism and magic, to topics of interest to advanced students. Students enroll online, and must pass an acceptance interview conducted by Ms. Faith. You’ll learn about the history of witchcraft and the science of magick. Learners will learn how to cast magickal circles, conduct rituals, spell casting, potions, divination and the art of creating needed manifestation in their lives. 

No trip to the Nutmeg state would be complete, especially when looking for a Connecticut witchcraft experience, without stopping by at the Twisted Vine Restaurant. The 127-year-old building, which houses the popular Italian eatery, once housed the Olde Birmingham Bank. But don’t let the innocent nature of its past fool you.

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Norwalk-based clairvoyant turned paranormal investigator, Nick Grossman and his team, spent a long time inside the old building – and their findings will chill you to the bone. In an effort to prove (or disprove) claims about paranormal activity at the establishment, by staff, patrons and visitors to the restaurant, the clairvoyant and his team set up their equipment to record any abnormal activity they witnessed.

Grossman confirmed that the spirit of a 19th-century banker, Edward N. Shelton, the long-dead founder and first president of the old Bank, definitely appeared at the site. At one point, the camera crew filmed the bartender communicating with a spirit. “Sam” the spirit spun the team’s flashlight around 360-degrees on two occasions, to show his presence. The team also confirmed the ghost of a little girl – also reported by customers – wandering through the halls.

Some investigators attribute the hauntings to Shelton’s inability to let go of his beloved bank. Others say the root cause of the ghostly apparitions has to do with a 1955 flood that decimate a nearby cemetery and desecrated the graves of the resting souls. Those tormented souls now haunt the premises.  The establishment offers regular paranormal events and tours. 

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