Here are three places that everyone must add to their Delaware witchcraft, ghosts and goblins tour:

If you are in Delaware next year (2021), and assuming it’s safe to travel and move around by then, you are in for a treat! Add the Delaware Sea Witch Festival to your list of Delaware witchcraft and goblins tour. It typically happens on the last Saturday in October, starting at 11 AM. That afternoon is also reserved for taking the kids trick-or-treating through the downtown core.

Each year in October, Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach sees hundreds of witches, goblins, zombies and monsters gather there for a grand Sea Witch Halloween & Fiddlers Festival. It’s spooky time all around, but it’s also filled with fun and frolicking for the whole family – including pets!

Delaware Sea Witch Festival

There’s a costume parade and even a dog parade. There are magic shows, pony rides, monster art and contests for the best spooky, scary and funny costumes. Witches and Witch lovers will also enjoy a bit of fun in the broom tossing contest. While taking in the Festival, you might even take the kids on the trick or treating trail.  

If it’s zombies, monsters, witches and ghosts that you want to experience – but in a safe, fun yet spooky way, then Frightland is a must-add to your Delaware witchcraft and spooky places list. 

Delaware witchcraft

In Zombie Town, get up close and in person with some of Delaware’s haunting past, including the tale of Dr Thaddeus Idalia and his father, Dr Jacob Idalia. The family moved from Arizona to Delaware, with the younger Doctor studying medicine while residing in the family home, and the elder Idalia using the manor as a hospital to treat his patients. 

Things got bad in the town, and for the family, when outlaws set fire to a house in which the Idalia’s wife and daughter were burned alive. In revenge, Dr Jacob Idalia poisoned the town’s well water, which slowly started killing its residents. Guilty and innocent, they all died a horrific death, damned to roam the earth as tortured ghostly souls. 

At attractions like The Attic, Idalia Manor, Haunted Barn, Ghost Town, Zombie Prison, Ravenwood Cemetery and more, Frightland brings this, and many other historic events back to life in vivid detail. 

  • The Welsh Tract Church in Newark

When it comes to your list of Delaware witchcraft and spooky places to visit, nothing beats a headless horseman. And one from the Revolutionary War is said to haunt the old church on Welsh Tract Road in Newark. 

old church on Welsh Tract Road

According to the facts, as they are told, during one particularly intense and savage skirmish near Delaware’s Cooch’s Bridge, a cannonball was fired in the general direction of the church. As fate would have it, Charles Miller, an American soldier, was riding through the nearby cemetery just as the cannon fire erupted. The round knocked a home in the church wall, and is said to have taken off Charlie’s head and killed him.   

The headless ghost of Charlie Miller, riding stately on his horse, is sometimes seen making his rounds of the cemetery. Even after some restoration work at the church, an faint outline of where the round hit the church wall is still faintly visible.


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