When on the Georgia witchcraft trail, no visit to the Peach state is complete without hitting up these destinations:

  • Colonial Park Cemetery—201 Abercorn St, Savannah, GA 31401

The city of Savannah, Georgia, has a rich history of death, tragedy, sickness, mayhem and dark events. Throughout the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, the city has seen clan feuds, fires, wars and diseases ravage it, piling up the bodies and burying dark secrets with them.

Georgia spooky places

Many of the victims of those tragedies are buried in the Colonial Park Cemetery, and there’s the reason this location makes it onto our Georgia witchcraft and spooky places list. 

Established in the early 1750s, the cemetery has welcomed thousands of poor unfortunate and tortured souls into its folds. While visitors only see about 1000 gravestones, the mass burials occurring during that time hide the true count of the cemetery’s population. When more room was needed to burry the dead, some existing graves were paved over during the expansion – and that’s when paranormal activity burst onto the surface.

One of the sites most famous (infamous?) residents is Rene Rondolier. The tall (almost 7-feet in height) and imposing resident of the town was no ordinary person. He was a serial killer! Caught and hung for his crimes, his body was strung high up on the Hanging Tree for everyone to gape at. Visitors to the cemetery say they’ve seen his ghost prowling by the Tree – as terrifying in death as was his life!

Located on Columbia Square in Savannah, the Queen Ann mansion called Kehoe House was built in 1892 by local businessman William Kehoe. An iron ore tycoon, Kehoe reportedly spent $25,000 on building his dream home, which included many features using his product-of-trade – Iron.

Kehoe has 10 children, and by all accounts they were a happy family – until tragedy struck at the family mansion. Two of his young boys – twins – were killed in a horrific accident as they played in one of the chimneys of the house. It is said that the spirits of the two boys – the Kehoe twins – still haunts the place. And that’s just one reason Kehoe House is on our Georgia witchcraft, ghosts and goblins list.

Georgia witchcraft

Later in its history, Kehoe House was turned into a local funereal home, where many deceased came on their final journey before burial, which adds to its allure as one of the spookiest places to visit.  The House is now a hotel that houses visitors and tourists all year around. 

Staff and guests say they’ve seen apparitions of the boys, and have heard noisy children running up and down the hallways. Some have even reported they’ve heard a boy whispering “come play with me”.  Guests have found doors locking and unlocking themselves mysteriously. It is believed that the Kehoe Twins really mean no harm – all they want to do is have some childish fun. Who can blame them since they had their lives tragically cut short at such a young age!

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