To truly experience the Idaho witchcraft scene, here are a few must visit destinations worth considering:

  • Bella’s Grove

As a local hub for the States’ Pagan Communities, Bella’s Grove is a must visit stop on anyone’s Idaho witchcraft and spooky places itinerary. If you are magically-inclined, or have a spirited nature, then you’ll love everything about this Boise-based store. 

Spooky Places in Idaho

It’s a place where you’ll find herbs and herbal remedies, spiritual guidance, crystals and incense. And if you’re looking for something higher-up on the spookiness meter, then you’ll also find works on Vodou, Witchcraft, spiritual rituals, full and dark moon ceremonies and sabbat celebrations. Get down into the mystical world of Tarot and Oracle readings and discover the meaning of the thoughts your subconscious hides deep down. 

The works and items on sale are mostly locally sourced, including Crystals, Pendulums, Jewelry and more. If its authentic Witch, Vodou, Pagan and Herbal supplies that you are looking for, then Bella’s is where you’ll find it all.  Closed on Mondays, the establishment operates from 11 AM to 6 PM on TWTF, and from 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. To get a real sense of witchcraft at it’s finest in Idaho, you should consider attending Bella’s public rituals, celebrations, classes and Misas. 

  • Albion Idaho College

Since the early 1940s, rumors about ghostly occurrences have surrounded the Albion Idaho College. The institution finally shut down in 1951, the state-founded establishment has been a key fixture in Idaho since it came into existence in 1893.  

Albion Idaho College


Clearly, some of the alumni who attended the institution over the years never left. There are rumors that the hallways and campus grounds are haunted by tormented spirits. The current owners of the property swear that some days, even before they turn on the lights, they can see lights come on. If it’s a spooky experience you are looking to be a part of, then this is the place to visit. 

Thrill-seeking guests can check this one off their bucket list of Idaho witchcraft and spooky places between October and November each year. That’s when professional actors put on a life-like haunting show, complete with terrifying screams and gruesome makeup!

  • The Gravesite of Lady Bluebeard

If it’s true spookiness that you’re after, then the story of Lady Bluebeard, dubbed the Twin Falls Serial Killer, is worth exploring when you make a stop at the Twin Falls Cemetery in Idaho. Lady Bluebeard’s gravesite is a must-make stopover.

Married seven times, she is notorious for the amazing number of those marriages – four! – ending in making her a widow. In 1915, another mass tragedy occurred that put this gravesite firmly on the list of established Idaho witchcraft and spooky places. It was then that three of the Lady’s family members – her husband, his brother (the Lady’s brother-in-law) and her young daughter, all perished mysteriously on a ranch in Twins Falls. 

Idaho witchcraft


Suspicions grew when the Lady married again in short order. The law also found it rather suspicious that, just before his death, her husband had signed up for a significant life insurance policy, leaving Lady Bluebeard as the beneficiary. Found guilty and incarcerated at the Old Idaho State Penitentiary, she escaped in 1931 and recaptured. Pardoned in 1942, the most prolific widow-maker in Idaho’s history died in 1958. Her gravesite is one of the spookiest places in Idaho, and a must see for visitors on the spooky trail.

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