Indiana has its share of spooky, haunted and bewitching places. Here are just a few to add to your Indiana witchcraft and spooky experiences list:

If you are yearning for a truly magical Indiana witchcraft experience, then a stop at The Magic Candle out to be on your cards. This unique store and school has been part of the historic Irvington community in downtown Indianapolis for over 20 years. And, along with the magical ambiance you’ll experience inside, you also find a treasure trove of books (old and new), gifts, candles, jewelry, handcrafted oils, ritual supplies and soaps.

Stop by if you want to participate in a wide array of events and workshops. The teachers aren’t just “witchcraft fans”, but are seasoned practitioners of the old ways. You’ll learn from actual witches! Look for a raft of public events, including Chrysalis Moon Festival, Indianapolis Pagan Pride…and more.

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If you are into spooky magic, then The Magic Candle offers more hands-on events, such as Magick 101, and its Book of Shadows (BOS) workshops. You’ll even be able to participate in an intersective workshop, part of the Goodness Worship theme, Find Your Inner Goodness, that’ll empower you to look deeply into your own life.

  • Avon Haunted Bridge (1/2-mile south of U.S. 36 off County Road 625 East)

Built originally in 1906 for use by the Big Four Railroad, the structure stands off County Road 625 East, about a half mile south of U.S. 36.  It is still in use by the CSX railroad. Over the years, there have been several accounts about this ill-fated bridge which puts it on anyone’s Indiana witchcraft and spooky places list.

Avon Haunted Bridge


In one account, the cause for the haunting starts right when the bridge was under construction. It appears that one of the workers was drunk one day, and while he worked on the building he slipped (or perhaps was pushed, or driven to the edge?) and fell off the bridge and into a pool of wet cement – where he was buried alive. Some folks who visit the bridge say they still hear the drunken moans of the drowned worker.

Another spooky account has a mother walking along the bridge at night, taking her sick baby girl to the doctors. The dimly-lit track caused the mother to lose footing and she, along with her baby daughter, plunged to her death down below. It is said that some visitors to the bridge still hear the mother wailing and moaning for her little girl.

James Allison was a prominent businessman, well known in the aero plane and auto industry. He built the mansion in the early 1900s on what’s now the grounds of Marian College. While Allison was extremely successful in his financial life, his personal life wasn’t too blissful. He initially left his first wife to marry his secretary in 1928, and shortly after divorced her and married a former employee. 

Spooky places in Indiana


Allison was extremely attached to his house, as it provided the very best in architectural wonders and modern comforts. However, his health took a turn for the worse and he died of pneumonia. Some say that because of his deep attachment to the home, his soul never really left the walls of the premises. Another account says a little girl visiting the mansion drowned in the mansion’s basement pool. And those incidents put the mansion on the list of Indiana witchcraft and spooky places.

Curators and staff working at the mansion say they often see an apparition of the girl on the premises.  Many also still feel Allison’s presence there. Furniture and books rearrange themselves. Keys and other personal belongings of staff often go missing and are sometimes fond in unexpected places.

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