The ideal Kentucky witchcraft and spooky places tour must include the following stops:

According to local legend, the twisted monstrosity was the favorite haunt for coven of witches in the late 19th century. Their ritualistic gathering didn’t bother the local townsfolk, and didn’t really draw too much attention. But one year, in preparation for the annual May Day festivities, the city council decided to cut down the tree and remove it altogether – leaving just a stump to mark the place where it once stood for many decades. 

And that’s when this hideous-looking tree made its way into the Kentucky witchcraft and spooky places list! The cutting down of their favorite gathering spot didn’t please the witches too much. The commune of magicians cursed members of council for their evil deed and, it is said, cast a powerful spell on the city. From all accounts, the spell worked!

Spooky Places in Kentucky


It is said that precisely eleven months from the day that the tree was cut down, a severe storm hit the city. Many who lived through the occurrence say the intensity of the wind, thunder and rain was unparalleled. They firmly believe that the witches had cursed the city and invoked the storm demon to unleash his vengeance on the city and show their wrath.  

During the course of the horrendous storm, a bolt of lightning struck the stump of the old tree and, magically almost, a new tree began rising from it over time. However, the reincarnated tee was nothing compared to the stately structure it now replaced. Instead, it took the shape of the bent, misshapen, out-of-the-world twisted structure that now stands near the corner of 6th Street and Park.

Residents and visitors now leave tributes and hang charms and offerings at the site and the branches – just to keep in the good books of the witches!

  • The Train Trestle at The Parklands of Floyds Fork

The Pope Lick Monster has, for generations, been alive and haunting the community in and around Pope Lick Road in Louisville, KY. Those that claim to have caught a glimpse of the monster, claim they’ve seen a half-goat, half-man lurking around, scaring and terrifying unsuspecting hikers and travelers.

Pope Lick Monster


Some say he’s a “being” that a circus owner exhibited in a sideshow for his audience. Others say he’s a creature of nature produced by a farmer cross-breeding some of his livestock. Others believe he is the ghost of a satanic farmer who frequently offered goats as sacrifices to the Evil Lord.  What put the bridge on the must-see list of Kentucky witchcraft and spooky places is a tragic occurrence attributed to the evil power of the Goatman.

A ghost-hunter from Ohio, presumably hot on the trail of Goatman was snooping around the bridge, hoping to spot the monster. Sadly, for her, an oncoming locomotive struck and hurled her to her death over the bridge.  To many, that is a sign that the Pope Lick Monster is clearly around, and doesn’t want to be sound or seen. However, visitors can still take a chance and get a glimpse of the bridge and passing trains from the safety of the ground.

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