If you’re in the deep south region of the South Central United States, the a Louisiana witchcraft and ghosts and goblins tour is worth experiencing.

  • Saint Gernain House (1039 400 Royal St., New Orleans)

No Louisiana witchcraft, vampire, ghost and goblin tour are complete without a visit to the infamous Saint Gernain House. Legend tells us that a European eccentric royal figure, Jacque St. Germain, arrived in New Orleans in 1902, and took up residence at one of the most dazzling residences in the city at 1039 400 Royal St. The recluse, claimed to be a descendent of Comte de St. Germain, a close friend to King Louis the XV in the 18th century. What made his claim so remarkable is that portraits of the Comte de St. Germain show remarkable resemblance to eccentric Jacque St. Germain. Visitors swore 20th century Jacque was the splitting image of the 19th century Comte! 

Spooky places in Louisiana

Jacque St. Germain was famous for his elaborate late-night parties and dining and entertainment of the elite of New Orleans.  However, he never seemed to participate in the meals. All he did was drink from a chalice all night, and enthrall his guests with spellbinding tales of events from the 18th century – in such precise detail as though he was present during those times.

One night, a woman fell from a top story balcony of the home, and was rushed to hospital. While she survived the fall, she told police of her heroic escape (she claimed she leaped and was not pushed) from an attack by Jacque St. Germain – he had bitten her neck and was trying to kill her. Not believing her accusation against one of the communities leading pillars, police nonetheless visited 1039 400 Royal St…but Jacque St. Germain was nowhere in sight. 

What police did find were large stash of bottles, some half consumed, filled with a concoction of wine and human blood.  As for the count – he was never seen again!   

Continuing with your spooky place’s exploration, one must make stop on your Louisiana witchcraft and voodoo trip is the Old World Witchery on Decatur Street. The brainchild of two real-life Warlocks, the mother store is in the heart of witch country in Salem, Massachusetts, with the NOLA store offering an equivalent experience.

Louisiana witchcraft

Situated in NOLA’s eclectic “Lower Decatur”  area, in the city’s historic French Quarter’s, and embraced by vintage boutiques, locals’ bars, Jazz clubs, gothic clothiers, collectible emporiums and cozy cafes, is where you’ll find all the witchery and magic happens. Whether it’s personal health and success, happiness in love and relationships, delivering justice to the oppressed or wronged in your life, or just peace for the soul of someone that’s passed. Here’s where you’ll find everything you need to make that happen – from incense and candles, to scented oils and potent charms.  

If you’re visiting in the summer, be sure to catch the annual Hex Fest, a spellbinding 2-day event chock full of witchy workshops and learning opportunities. And, if you wish to appease the soul of a departed loved-one, you can even leave a message on their Witches’ Altar of the Dead. 

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