When in Pine Tree State, here are some spooky places to add to the list when planning your Maine witchcraft, ghosts and goblins trip.

When it comes to getting a true Maine witchcraft experience, then there’s no better place to visit than the Old Burying Yard in York, Maine. As graveyards go, it has a spooky ambiance to it, not too overcrowded by graves, and protected by a low stone wall that keeps its “sleeping” residents confined. However, inside the yard is housed the body of a real-life witch – Mary Nasson, who died in August 1774 at age 29.

Spooky places in MaineMaine witchcraft

Stories of Mary, a herbalist by trade, abound in the Old York town. It’s likely that Mary’s misunderstood “magic herbs” brought her the title of “witch”. Some say they’ve seen ger ghostly apparition pushing children on the swings. Others believe they’ve seen her ghost handing out flowers to kids and passersby. Whichever version is true, this is definitely one spooky place to be in. 

And, talking about spooky places to visit, more than the spookiness of the cemetery is the scary legacy of Mary’s gravestone. It is different – much different! – than the surrounding tombstones in the graveyard.  Firstly, it has an image of Mary’s likeliness carved on the headstone. But more sinister is the large flat stone that covers the length of ger grave – almost like a stone blanket. 

Some accounts say the family placed it there so animals wouldn’t dig up Mary’s remains. Other, more spooky accounts, have a different explanation for why someone put such a heavy piece of masonry over the body of a dead person. Those accounts hold that the purpose of the heavy granite slab is to weigh down Mary’s grave so the witch can’t rise out of it!

When planning your Maine witchcraft experiences itinerary, don’t forget to include Colonel Buck’s tomb on your list. If you believe in witches and ghosts, then this is as spooky a place as it gets!

The legend hinges around Colonel Jonathan Buck, the founder of the town of Bucksport, Maine. And, the imposing monument of his tomb harbors a dark and bewitching tale. At first glance, the tombstone looks like any ordinary monument one would expect for someone important. But, as you look closely at it, there’s a distinct stain – something that looks like water damage. But it’s not!

Colonel Buck's Cursed Tomb

Maine spooky places

As legend has it, back in the dark days when witchcraft was outlawed, the colonel was instrumental in the killing of a witch. Different versions of the story exist, some saying the lady put to torch wasn’t a witch, but a mistress bearing the Colonel’s love-child – a child the Colonel wanted to kill so he wouldn’t face the town’s wrath. Other’s say she was indeed a witch, and the colonel torched her body over a fire. The woman’s leg is said to have dismembered and fallen off in front of the colonel during the burning. 

Either way, the legend ends with a curse from the woman’s dying breath. She promised he’d bear the signs of the witch forever. A close look at the mysterious stain shows it to be the likeness of a woman’s stocking-clad foot.     

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